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iPox Aqua – It’s all about the blue!

iPox AquaiPox has spun off a new version with brighter blues and all new buttons. It’s called iPox Aqua and it’s for those that like iPox, but want just a bit more kick out of the theme.

Thanks to BitBox for the base buttons that started this re-work and thanks to you all for making iPox such a huge success.

And this is just the beginning, in the upcoming weeks I plan on helping everyone create their own version of iPox. Or, if you really excel in my tutorials, you can create your own theme. So stay tuned for that. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Love this theme, posted a bug report in the wrong place (sorry, the bug report for midnightfox)

    the save dialogs are a bit messy:

    but apart from that, this is a lovely theme.

  2. Mark says:

    oh, and one more thing the text is a bit dark on some dialogs (i guess you know about that too)

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks Mark, I’ll have to look into those.

  4. A. La Skeen says:

    Very clever, but might be better if you spell shiny correctly in the pitch! Otherwise it reads like shi –y, which rhymes with bitty–get my drift?
    One I and one N makes “shiny,” rhymes with whiny!

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