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I’m retiring from Firefox theming.

It’s been a fun journey over the past 5 years creating Firefox themes. I created nearly a dozen themes, stating with iPox, and I’ve got over 5 million downloads! However, I just can’t keep up. With Firefox 4 just around the corner, my themes would probably need to be revamped from the ground up and […]

iPox Version 3

iPox version 3 is now available! iPox v3 has landed with some re-designed elements, bug fixes, and iPox Aqua mixed in. So what’s new? The scrollbars have been re-designed utilizing CSS. They are now a light grey with a nice mouse over effect. The throbber has been reverted back to the Mac throbber. The URL bar has […]

Firefox 3.6 Theme Compatibly

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that my themes are currently NOT compatiblewith Firefox 3.6. I tested it out the other day and nothing happened. No error, no theme, no luck. The good news is I was able to find out why and fix it. I had to re-do the theme structure […]

My Themes and Firefox 3.5

Good news, I’ve gone though and updated all my themes and extensions to work with Firefox 3.5! There are no major issues, but there are some minor ones. Like the bottom part of the scrollbar is missing and secure pages don’t render the secure part of the URL bar.  I consider these to be pretty […]

iPox Remix Theme Tutorials for Firefox 3

iPox Remix has been updated for Firefox 3. iPox Remix is a set of tutorials on creating your own Firefox theme.  You are provided with a starter theme that contains all the necessary files and images to get you going.  It also contains a set of tutorials to help you customize the files and create […]

iPox Aqua Shines in Firefox 3

I realized over the past weekend that iPox Aqua was 90% the same as iPox.  And since iPox has been updated for Firefox 3, iPox Aqua shouldn’t take to much time.  So I’ve updated it. iPox Aqua has the same style and feel as iPox, with a bit more colorful buttons and brighter blues. Now […]

Why I Love Theming Firefox

Theming Firefox has its good and it’s bad times.  Yes, it’s a lot of work for no money, but making people happy is something I like to do too.  And it appears that, according to Mozilla’s stats, I’m making a lot of people happy with my themes. Check out these stats! MiintTotal downloads since April […]

iPox Officially Released for Firefox 3

If you haven’t been following the betas, than this day has been a long time coming.  iPox for Firefox 3 was officially released on Mozilla’s Addon site this morning. The new version, iPox 2, has been re-worked from the ground up in hopes of creating the most compatible theme for Firefox 3. If you come […]

Why I would quit theming today.

I love to create Firefox themes, make addons and lots of freebees that others often enjoy.  I do this on my free time and love to see people enjoy them.  But some days, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve recently got a few comments from a visitor saying “hurry up and release the […]

iPox for Firefox 3 – Beta

Now that Firefox 3 is out, I have a lot of themeing to do! The first theme to be released for Firefox 3 will be iPox and I’m happy to announce the beta is out today. The beta was born from the Mac default theme and has been built from the ground up.  This is […]