Now that Firefox 3 is out, I have a lot of themeing to do!

The first theme to be released for Firefox 3 will be iPox and I’m happy to announce the beta is out today.

The beta was born from the Mac default theme and has been built from the ground up.Β  This is all new code people. πŸ™‚

The beta has been working great on my iMac, but it’s not as pretty on Windows.Β  And Linux I have no idea.

One big change with Firefox 3 is that it ties into the system to create buttons, form elements and lots of things.Β  At this time, iPox has not overwritten most those items.Β  The Mac buttons look great in iPox, the Windows ones are so so.Β  I’m looking for your thoughts on those or just pointing out what isn’t working.

From my experience, iPox is looking mighty fine on Firefox 3 on a Mac.Β  But it’s all those things I don’t see that I need your help with.

If you see a bug or an issue, head over to the Bug Squasher and post it.Β  We can work together to get things figured out.

Once iPox is out of beta, the other themes will follow.Β  Some sooner than others, but none probably as fast as fans want them.

Remember, I am only one guy with a lot going on in life.Β  I don’t have as much time to theme as some may think. πŸ˜‰

So where do you get the latest iPox beta?Β  Over at the Bug Squasher!

iPox is no longer in beta, it has been released.