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Plurkit on Adobe Air

Plurk on Adobe AirI’ve been playing around with Aptana and Adobe Air to see if I could create a basic application.  What I created was Plurkit; an Adobe Air version of Plurk mobile.

Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, this is not as good as something like Twhirl. 😉 However, it is my first attempt at anything in Adobe Air so I’m pretty happy.

I didn’t use the Plurk API and do a lot of crazy coding.  All I did was take the mobile version of Plurk and embed it into an Adobe Air application.  And voila; Plurkit!

I thought some might find this a bit enjoyable and I do have more ideas for it.  Actually, some crazy ones are going though my head this moment!

Give it a spin and see how it goes.

Download Plurkit 0.5 (removed)

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  1. Eric Odom says:

    Sweet! I can’t get it to work for Linux Ubuntu though. Kinda bummed.

    I’ll do a post over at Plurkable tomorrow. 🙂

  2. awflasher says:

    Great job, AIR rocks.
    But it’s just like the mobile page of Plurk…Any other nice features? ActionScript can do a lot 🙂

    Thanks for your job anyway.

  3. wayne sutton says:

    Thanks for making this app, it’s a start.

  4. Great job with Plurkit. I liked your mobile sidebar plugin for Firefox, but this is better IMO because it can run in its own window.

    Also, this is what I’ve been asking for to make it easier for me to Plurk, so I guess now I’m obligated to become more active. 😉

  5. Thomas says:

    Eric, if Adobe Air works on Linux Ubuntu, I’d think this would work. However, I don’t know much about Air.

    Awflasher, if I had Flash, I could probably do more. I may look into the API and see what I can do too. We’ll see.

  6. Eric Odom says:

    Adobe Air does work for Ubuntu, but not without its problems unfortunately. Twhirl always gives me problems on Ubuntu. Sucks.

    Either way, I love that you put this together. Sweet!

  7. Thomas says:

    Eric, sounds like we need to suggest Adobe look into that. 🙂

  8. ShawnF says:

    Awesome – thanks!

    @ericodom – I’ve been able to get AIR to work on my wife’s Ubuntu Linux machine – and pretty much anything that’s working on AIR will work on that.

  9. Nick Wilsdon says:

    Yep AIR does run on Ubuntu but as other have said it is a bit flaky. However I’ve had problems on Windows to so I’m more inclined to think this is the fault of AIR not the platform.

    I have Twhirl running on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy here. I’ve just tried this file and AIR tells me that it is corrupted and can not be installed.

    May not be your fault Thomas. I found this issue before when the version of AIR doesn’t match up. Ended up upgrading to the latest copy and the installation file suddenly stopped being corrupt (!). I’ll try that at the weekend as it’s a harder task on Ubuntu. and try and report back.

    If anyone else has this working with Ubuntu 8.0.4 can they post a note. It would be great to have a application for Plurk!

  10. I added my review for your app on Plurkular.

    Thanks for putting this together!

  11. Bob says:

    Cool, I didn’t realize there were any Plurk apps out there! Thanks for the info!

  12. Abhisek says:

    Awesome. Can’t wait to get home from office and start using it. Thanks.

  13. Uaba says:

    This is so nice! Congrats! 😉

  14. Crave says:

    New one! nice.

  15. inderamaia says:

    thanks a lot ,dude… 😀

  16. Alvin says:

    Good Update. Another addition to Adobe AIR based applications.

  17. It’s very nice 🙂 . Thank you very much for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  18. Glynis says:

    Do something like TwitterFox! Do a PlurkFox for us 🙂 It’ll be awesome!!

    • Roger Chi says:

      I have just finished the installation of Plurkit and it’s very successful on my FC11 platform ~
      but it’s always failed while I launching the app and the error message as below

      “(Plurkit:5797): Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_x11_atom_to_xatom_for_display: assertion `atom != GDK_NONE’ failed”

      I also found the same problem occurred when I try to launch “Plurkair” and some AIR base apps on my FC11 ><"

  19. Louis says:

    It’s almost the same as Plurkair, but for the ads.

  20. Bill says:

    I’m getting to the party late by the date of the initial post.

    Has there been any further developments to Plurkit App?

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