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Get Quick Updates On All Your Favorite Social Sites With Fluid

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a few social networks you are a part of. Keeping up with all those networks can be hard too. However, with the Mac app Fluid you can create multi-site menu bar applications for quick and easy access. What I have setup is Facebook mobile, Weather Underground […] Firefox Sidebar

I’ve become a fan of and its mass notification abilities.  However, I wanted to update my status without navigating away from the page I was on.  So I created the Mobile Sidebar for Firefox. Much like my many other Firefox sidebars, it simply works as a shortcut to access the mobile version […]

Twitterkeys Work Great in Plurk and Other Social Communities

Have you heard about Twitterkeys?  It’s a site that puts together a list of special characters that you can just copy and paste and put into a Twitter post. Where as they are marketing to Twitter, these symbols work great for Plurk, ReJaw, Facebook, email or whatever you want to use them with. Twitterkeys offers […]

For the Love of Bacon!

Bacon is one topic that just seems to grab a lot of attention. Everywhere I turn, there are more and more bacon lovers sharing their interesting bacon finds. I thought I’d put a few of those together to share with all the bacon lovers out there. OMG Bacon Bacon Dispenser Bacon Vodka Wake n’ Bacon […]

My First Plurk Theme

A few days ago Plurk came out with the ability to customize your profile with your own CSS code.  I put my skills to work and created my first Plurk theme! It’s a bit darker, to match my website, and comes with rounded boxes, a unified timeline and colors that pop. You can get a […]

Plurk, SocialThing and Facebook Sidebars Minor Update

The Plurk, SocialThing and Facebook Firefox sidebar extensions got a minor update today.  I just bumped the max version to work the the latest security release of Firefox 3. Are there any other site’s you’d like to see load in Firefox’s sidebar?

Plurk in a Twitter World & Why I Prefer Plurk

I’m a big fan of Plurk, a micro blogging platform, that is often compared to Twitter.  It has basically taken me away from Twitter by fixing some of my big Twitter concerns.  The more I use Plurk, the more I realize how many limitations and issues Twitter currently has. Here are a few reasons why […]

SocialAddict – 11 Social Sites, 1 Adobe Air Application

After my recent success with Plurkit, I decided to take the idea to the next level and add in more social sites.  The outcome is SocialAddict which has 11 social sites within one Adobe Air application. What SocialAddict does is loads the mobile or iPhone version of each site for easy access.  Again, I didn’t […]

Plurkit on Adobe Air

I’ve been playing around with Aptana and Adobe Air to see if I could create a basic application.  What I created was Plurkit; an Adobe Air version of Plurk mobile. Ok, I’ll be the first to admit, this is not as good as something like Twhirl. 😉 However, it is my first attempt at anything […]