Bacon is one topic that just seems to grab a lot of attention. Everywhere I turn, there are more and more bacon lovers sharing their interesting bacon finds.

I thought I’d put a few of those together to share with all the bacon lovers out there.

OMG Bacon

Bacon Dispenser


Bacon Vodka

Wake n’ Bacon Alarm Clock & Cooker

Bacon Ice Cream

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Bacon and Cake

Canned Bacon

Fail: Turkey Bacon

Turkey Bacon

Bacon Soap

I seez bacon

Smart Bacon

Bacon Flow Chart

Cave Bacon

Bacon and Ice Cream

Bacon Land

Diet Coke with Bacon

Reject Christ Receive Bacon

Gummy Bacon

Bacon Wallet

Vary Strange Bacon Video
No, I’m not embedding here.

Candied Bacon

Bacon Salt

Bacon Bra

Bacon Shirts

Bacon Tampon Bookmark

Chicken Fried Bacon

Dancing Bacon
Dancing Bacon

Pig Butchering Guide

Bacon and Fries

Any bacon thoughts you’d like to share???