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Cats. Bacon. Zombies! – CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin

It’s been 6 years since I released a WordPress plugin so it’s about time. My new one even includes cats, bacon and zombies! Introducing the CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin. As a WordPress developer, I often setup new sites and have to create dummy posts so that I have something to develop and test with. […]

A Day In The Life Of Bacon on Twitter

Who doesn’t love Bacon? Here are just some of the bacon chatter I picked up on Twitter recently. RT @bacon Mr. Sus got a free Squealin’ Mary at @BeaversHouston for wearing his @rstevens “Bacon is a Vegetable” shirt: RT @cfarias: Dude, Where’s My Bacon? #bacon RT @marengoni: Bacon Instantâneo! RT @MadLabM: #BaconQueen […]

Should I be giving my baby bacon flavored formula?

Have you heard that they are creating a bacon flavored baby formula? From what I can tell it’s true and they make some pretty big claims that make me wonder if I’m a bad parent by not giving it Lily. From the Bacon Baby website: By the age of 4 months, our test subject started […]

My Blog Is About Bacon. What About Yours?

The Online Marketing Blog recently posted about Wordle, a tool that scans a webpage, picks out the most used words and creates a nice visual representation of your content.  I ran my blog homepage though Wordle and it seems that I’m all about bacon at the moment. 😀 If you look close I think you […]

For the Love of Bacon!

Bacon is one topic that just seems to grab a lot of attention. Everywhere I turn, there are more and more bacon lovers sharing their interesting bacon finds. I thought I’d put a few of those together to share with all the bacon lovers out there. OMG Bacon Bacon Dispenser Bacon Vodka Wake n’ Bacon […]