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Cats. Bacon. Zombies! – CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin

It’s been 6 years since I released a WordPress plugin so it’s about time. My new one even includes cats, bacon and zombies! Introducing the CBZ Auto Create Posts WordPress Plugin.

Cat, Bacon, Zombie, WordPress

As a WordPress developer, I often setup new sites and have to create dummy posts so that I have something to develop and test with. One or two aren’t bad, but when you need 11 or more to test pagination and other features, it’s not quite as fun. So I created a plugin.

CBZ Auto Create Posts is a simple plugin that just creates cat, bacon or zombie lorem ipsum posts for you. Tell it how many you want, pick the flavor, and it creates them all in a few seconds.


Tests have proven that it can create over 6,000 posts! For a developer, that’s huge! Ok, so you don’t need 9,000 posts, but 10 seconds to create 21 is a lot better than one at a time.

At this time there aren’t a whole lot of features, but it is on GitHub so if you want to contribute, feel free.

Also, thanks to these folks for the fine lorem ipsum.

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