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Grill sweet corn for easy, tasty corn.

Over the weekend we grilled sweet corn for the first time. Not only was it super simple, but it also tasted great. To make corn on the grill, you simply put the grill on low/medium heat, put the corn on, husks and all, and grill for about 20 minutes rotating every 5 minutes. Basically, you’re […]

While on Vacation Try Something New

When on vacation, it’s always good to check out some of the local restaurants and see if you can find something new and different. We had Butterbeer (both regular and frozen and frozen was much better), Gillywater, M&M pancakes, Oreo waffles, burger and fries that came in a 50s style car, and strawberry pina colada pancakes […]

M&M Tree

Lily asked me what I wanted for Father’s Day that didn’t exist so I said an M&M tree. Sure enough, when I got home tonight, I had an M&M tree waiting for me. I hope it’s an ever-producing tree.

Caramel M&Ms are delicious!

I’m a big fan of M&Ms but they do come up with some weird flavors. Their newest edition, however, is Caramel M&Ms and they do not disappoint. At first, I thought they were a little weird. M&Ms aren’t supposed to be soft on the inside. That is unless they’re melted, but that’s a different kind […]