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My new M&MS M-Ball Arrived!

I won my M-Ball on Facebook and it just arrived. Sure, it’s not round so it’s not like you can use it like a soccer ball, but it looks like a giant M&M! Plus it’s more like a stuffed animal than a real soccer ball so kicking it around isn’t a great idea. However it […]


Chips Ahoy Cookies Filled With Oreo Cream!

Nabisco now makes what could be the best cookie ever. It’s a chewy Chips Ahoy cookie filled with Oreo cream! That’s two of my favorite cookies in one. Found these at Target and there was a birthday cake frosting option too. I have yet to try them as I have other cookies to eat, but […]


Sparkling Rockstar Energy

It’s gotta be good right? Says natural on it, no sugar or calories. And… after a first few sips… it’s not bad. Way better than expected.