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Marshmallow popcorn recipe from a 6 year old.

Lily’s teaching me how to make marshmallow popcorn. Open a bag of un-popped microwave popcorn Put in some marshmallows Microwave it Take it out Add M&Ms Enjoy Something tells me mommy is going to get a new microwave if I try this.

Frightfully Fun Halloween Menu

For a little Halloween fun, my wife put together a fun lunch for Lily and I. We weren’t told what we were getting, we were only allowed to pick Halloween themed food from our menus. Here was our Halloween Mystery Menu Ghastly Ghost Zombie Eyeballs Bat Wings Swamp Grass Edible Swamp Tombstone Ghost Blood Blood […]

Browser Sugar Cookies

I made some cookies for my team at work; browser cookies. It didn’t quite go as planned as I made the frosting a little too thin. It helped some, but it also hurt some. Plus my frosting design skills are not that great. I did figure out that using a toothpick allowed me to easily push […]

My new M&MS M-Ball Arrived!

I won my M-Ball on Facebook and it just arrived. Sure, it’s not round so it’s not like you can use it like a soccer ball, but it looks like a giant M&M! Plus it’s more like a stuffed animal than a real soccer ball so kicking it around isn’t a great idea. However it […]

Chips Ahoy Cookies Filled With Oreo Cream!

Nabisco now makes what could be the best cookie ever. It’s a chewy Chips Ahoy cookie filled with Oreo cream! That’s two of my favorite cookies in one. Found these at Target and there was a birthday cake frosting option too. I have yet to try them as I have other cookies to eat, but […]