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Trans Fat is the new Carbs

A new year, a new fad diet. What’s bad this year that was ok last? It’s trans fat. The artery-clogging ingredient that must be listed on food labels next year. So, in order to beat the consumers worries, companies are already starting to make trans fat free products. From Oreos to SpaghettiOs. Pretty soon you’ll […]

Jubilee Foods is one nice grocery store!

It may have been my first time ever in a Jubilee Foods store today and was I ever amazed. I’m use to the Cub and Rainbow foods here in the Twin Cities and we prefer to shop at Super Targets sometimes but they are all lacking something. Something that Jubilee seems to have. First off […]

Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker

My brother gave us a Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker for Christmas and we tried it out last night. Mmm good stuff. The best part is it’s so easy!! We made ham and cheese quesadillas and may even make them again tonight. Chicken quesadillas are on the list to make sometime too. What’s your favorite quesadilla […]