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Jubilee Foods is one nice grocery store!

It may have been my first time ever in a Jubilee Foods store today and was I ever amazed. I’m use to the Cub and Rainbow foods here in the Twin Cities and we prefer to shop at Super Targets sometimes but they are all lacking something. Something that Jubilee seems to have.

First off is selection. Rainbow, Cub and Jubilee are grocery stores and just that. Full of selection with more and more choices every day. Super Targets, however, carry a smaller variety of food choices. This is because they don’t have as much space dedicated to food as regular grocery stores stores.

Second is atmosphere. Target has a much friendlier and comfortable environment than Rainbows and Cubs around here. Seems cleaner and makes shopping more enjoyable. Jubilee also has excellent atmosphere. The store in Mound was very clean, carpeted and aisles were wide enough to pass carts with ease.

I guess Jubilee is kind of like a Byerly’s only without feeling all upper class and hoity toity. Great selection, good prices and a great shopping environment. That’s only my first opinion though. 😉

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