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iPox Officially Released for Firefox 3

If you haven’t been following the betas, than this day has been a long time coming.  iPox for Firefox 3 was officially released on Mozilla’s Addon site this morning.

The new version, iPox 2, has been re-worked from the ground up in hopes of creating the most compatible theme for Firefox 3.

If you come across a bug, please post it in the bug tracker and I’ll take a look into it.  There are more updates to come, but this is a good start.


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  1. -Drools like a fool.-

  2. Brandon says:

    Not really a bug, but the description of iPox under add-ons has the word “shiny” spelled shinny…just saying

  3. Thomas says:

    Thanks Brandon. I’ll fix that. 🙂

  4. jessebear says:

    Brilliant job! I’m a huuuuuge fan of you and your artworks! You are very famous in China, everyone talks about your work in firefox forums.
    They call you ‘shi fu’, the same name of the firefox in ‘Kung fu panda’

  5. shadow7853 says:

    very good..

  6. rotamundo says:

    hi, I love iPox and it is my default theme since… firefox 1.5

    I was waiting for this release since Firefox 3 update and finally I can enjoy this beautiful theme.

    However, I have some suggestions could help you. That is only a personal point of view about colours and different things.
    1) I think tab names could be more clear without the shadow. Besides, I would use only in bold the tab which is in focus, and regular the other ones.
    2) I would like menus without diagonal lines on background becuase they make less legible.
    3) Blue colour background of Bookmarks and History is good, but I think a more clear colour would be great, a colour similar to the white of tabs. That makes sense when you observe favicons, because most of them are .png or .gif with transparent background and white colour helps.
    4) Folders icons are the same of previous iPox versions, but Firefox 3 default folders are really beautiful, they are very “Leopard”. Besides, Firefox3 default icons set have different ones for unclassified bookmarks and the other ones… etc.

    …And I think that’s all I remember. Sorry for my crapy English, I hope it is comprehensive.

    And thanks for hearing these suggestions, and thanks for making happy with your themes. I think your themes are the only ones which are well done and are beautiful, the remaining ones are really ugly, but it doesn’t leave this room, 😉

  7. 2snazzy says:

    Just started using iPox on my Mac laptop (former Apple employee). Really like it because it is much more readable than other themes I’ve tried. My only “wish” is that the “BACK” button was a blue color. The white color of the BACK button doesn’t have enough contrast against the white background behind the BACK button. The BACK button is probably the most used button on a nav browser. I’d like it to be more visible by making is a different color than the white background.

    I would consider trying to change the color myself, but I’m not programmingly inclined.


  8. JFK says:


    As each time, a great release! Thanks for this work!

  9. lotares says:

    Hi! Thanks for you hard work! This theme was almost the last thing that stopped me from updating to FF3. =) But I use slightly modified (with different colors) version for it to blend in my Windows theme better. So the question is: is there any hope for a release of some kind of iPox FF3 Remix assets? As I’m not into theme-making myself, this would be really great!
    Thanks again for this great theme! You rock. =)

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