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Miint Officially Released – A Green Firefox Theme

I wish I could say I’m on a roll, but I’m not to sure about that.

Miint has been released on Mozilla’s add-on site and is now public!

That makes two out of nine themes that are ready to go for Firefox 3.  One other is in production and the others waiting to get converted.

Miint fans rejoice though, the cool and tasty theme is read to go!

Feel free to report bugs in the bug tracker.


21 Responses

  1. michael says:

    It’s… it’s…. beautiful. How I missed it.

    Amazing work.

  2. :) says:

    I, too, missed this theme. Like a familiar friend returning home, Miint and I are catching up on all the good times. “Hey, Miint? Remember when I was watching those documentaries online, or working on my 10-page research paper? And you didn’t get in my way with flashy graphics and eye-soringly bad colors? Thanks, thanks again. BFF!! Fo’ life!”

    Ok, all silliness aside, this plain/cool/unique theme is nice to have. Soothing colors, flat icons, I like it a lot!

  3. michael says:

    is it just me, or are the bookmarks bar fonts a bit… bold?

  4. nice theme says:

    Really a nice theme ! :), but it’s not work with Tab Mix Plus [addon], i can’t use option MUTIL-ROW when browse a lots tab (about 13 tabs). Pl fix it, tks !

    + When my mouse point to a buttons close tab (in current tab) <- it’s hiddenning, i can’t see. And other tabs (not in current tab) are hidden button close tab , i think appear button close tab in both current & orther tabs is useful.

    sorry for my english.

  5. Deni says:

    I really like the colors & icons! However, when using toggle AiOS-Toolbar, there doesn’t appear to be any way to change themes. Help!

  6. im says:

    there’s a li’l bug in the linux version.
    but then again, bookmarks always look different in the linux versions.

    otherwise fantastic

  7. shadow7853 says:

    yeah.. great.. and now? extero?

    thank’s a lot, my firefox is now beautiful

  8. Thomas says:

    All those extensions are not yet themed. Sorry.

  9. honeynougat says:

    I lovelovelove this theme. By far my most favourite of any theme I have come across! I have one teeny tiny little problem with it, and thought I’d ask you.

    Is there any way that I can change it so that the unused tabs don’t fade quite so much? They fade just the slightest bit to much for my eyes.

    Even if not, thanks you for making such a smart theme so different from other available ^_^

  10. Rebecca says:

    Hi TwisterMc! I am a big fan of your Miint theme… I was wondering if you could either release a blue version of it (i tried to change the hue 105 points to the right from center but i don’t know the first thing about coding firefox themes though…) or point me in the right direction to know how to make it blue or any other color for that matter…


  11. Rebecca says:

    lol… I just tried switching the tmp.xpi i modified with yours and it works… now… what i need is some info to know where to change the colors for the toolbar, the scrollbars and the sidebars (they are still green…)

    Pretty please with sugar on top?

  12. Rebecca says:

    ok… I actually started messing up and it’s almost all blue now… i would like to know five things that i still can’t seem to find:

    the searchbar background color,
    the sidebar background color,
    the history searchbar background color (when docked to the sidebar),
    the history titlebar font color (when docked to the sidebar),
    and the addressbar background color…

    Specific questions, lol, you might be willing to answer.

    For everyone else, well it’s actually pretty easy to change the theme to any color, you just need a Linux distro that comes with Fileroller (the thing that opens xpi, zip, tar, etc), the Screem editor (it will open the file from the uncompressor by double clicking and update it when you save it), and gimp (to check the color you have and have handy a palette with the ones you want to use)… just open the xpi, extract the files you want to change and then update them on the xpi, once you are done, you just need to drag it over firefox… That’s it… Actually, coding this thing is a REAL LABOR OF WORK, so Thanks TwisterMc.

    I’m working on a light blue version (just altered the hue to 105 in gimp) but i think this theme would actually look kind of nice if done in a ciinnamon, beerry, peaach, cheerry and oraange. I chose to call mine coolMint and leave the credits intact.

  13. Rebecca says:


  14. Sarah says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for making this theme. It’s my favorite out of all the ones I’ve tried.

    Anyways I was wondering whether this theme changes your highlight color to green too? I had it green before I used the theme and then I tried to change it to purple and it wouldn’t work.

  15. Thomas says:

    @Sarah – The highlight color is not controlled by the theme. I’ve tried to control it, but it should be controlled by your system… at least in Firefox 3. I don’t remember in Firefox 2.

  16. Sarah says:

    @Thomas – OK, thanks. It changed to purple now. 🙂

  17. whiskey says:

    A puurple variation would be nice…

  18. Char says:

    Beautiful theme, almost exactly what I was looking for…and I only say almost because I’d love a desaturated/charcoaly version. I’ll live. ^_^

  19. Thomas says:

    @Rebecca – How is coolMiint I’d love to see it. If you have questions, email me for quicker support.

  20. Vermillion says:

    I remember I read that you’ve work on Miint v2 or something like that, you didn’t dropped that project right? Miint is great I like how it look, simple, good looking and it is green! I like green color 😀 Hope you make some beautiful green theme more when you have time.


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