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MidnightFox for Firefox 3 Now Available

Another day, another theme. MidnightFox has been released for Firefox 3.

Instead of waiting until it’s perfect, I decided to release what I had done.  Thanks to the beta testers, any major bugs should be worked out and it’s ready to rock!

If you are a fan of the spinoff theme, MidnightFoxy, that’s still awaiting approval from the Mozilla folks.  It can be found on the Addon’s site though.

As always, any bugs can be reported in the bug tracker.

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  1. -Headbangs.- Now if only I could get MOzilla to recognize that, yes, I AM using FF3, not 🙁

  2. Thomas says:

    That’s a good issue Steve. Have you somehow altered your user agent in the about:config menu?

  3. Not yet, but I did find myself a nice work-around. I found a site where they had a Max Version free copy of Kosmic Kat’s “Firesomething”, and that seems to have resolved my issues. Ah, how I missed ye, MidnightFox!

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