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Get Quick Updates On All Your Favorite Social Sites With Fluid

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a few social networks you are a part of. Keeping up with all those networks can be hard too. However, with the Mac app Fluid you can create multi-site menu bar applications for quick and easy access.

What I have setup is Facebook mobile, Weather Underground mobile and Plurk mobile all loaded into one application and stored in my menu bar. When I click on the blue F, I not only see the weather conditions, but also any Facebook updates and Plurk updates.

Three Sites in Fluid

You can customize Fluid and put in any URL you want into each of the three spaces. If you have more screen room, you can split the main window into as many windows as you want. You can eve split them on top or bottom or have free standing multi-window applications. Myself, I prefer the menu bar apps as they are out of the way, yet easily accessible.

Fluid’s main window user agent can also be set as iPhone so you can use iPhone optimized Google or Meebo. It’d be ever nicer if all the split windows could be set to iPhone user agents too.

Now I’m not saying that splitting up one window into four, or more, mini browsers works well, but for two or three sites it comes in very handy.

Fluid is a really cool piece of freeware for the Mac. I find myself creating individual apps for Facebook, Plurk and to name a few. Now that I figured out how to combine them, they take up less space in the menu bar and give me all the information I want.

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