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See Today’s Schedule In A Small Google Calendar Desktop Application

I’ve been intrigued by an application called Today that gives a quick overview of what you have on your calendar for today and places it in a nice little window on your desktop. However, for $20 I wasn’t sure that I needed it. So, I found a way to create a similar, but not as […]

Get Quick Updates On All Your Favorite Social Sites With Fluid

If you’re anything like me, you have more than a few social networks you are a part of. Keeping up with all those networks can be hard too. However, with the Mac app Fluid you can create multi-site menu bar applications for quick and easy access. What I have setup is Facebook mobile, Weather Underground […]

Updated Mozilla Prism Shows A Lot of Progress

I was excited about Mozilla’s Prism application when it first arrived on the scene. But then Fluid came out and I realized how un-polished Prism was.  However, Prism 0.9 is quite a large step forward. What’s new in Prism 0.9? The big thing is that it’s based off of Firefox 3.   It’s got the […]

Fluid vs Prism for Desktop Web Applications

When I wrote about Mozilla’s Prism project a while ago, I was very excited for the possibility of bring web applications to the desktop. Since then, a new project called Fluid has popped up. It’s the same ideas as Prism, however is Mac only. Fluid is a small application that is used to create stand […]

The Beauty of Mozilla’s Prism Project

Have you checked out Mozilla’s Prism project yet? It’s pretty sweet. Prism is basically a version of Firefox with no address bar, no icons, no bookmarks, nothing. It’s just a browser that loads one pre-defined bookmark at a time. It sounds a little weird, but it’s really useful. When you start up Prism, it asks […]