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Someone Needs to Clean Lego Land

If you’ve been by the Mall of America, you can’t miss Lego Land.  It’s a wonderful playground full of Legos and fun.  However, I don’t think it’s been cleaned since the day it was opened.

Sure, down low all is good. But the view from the second or third level shows dust caked on all the Legos.  The colors appear faded due to the dirty conditions and it detracts from the mall landmark.

Lego Land Dirty Birds

Now, I know it’s not easy to climb up and clean them all but you’d think that once every few years they could do something.  Maybe they do.  Maybe they just get dirty that fast!

Either way, Lego Land needs a bit more cleaning and attention paid to it.  It’s a fantastic attraction and it should look as good as possible at all times.

Lego Land Mall of America

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  1. LEGO Employee says:

    Just wanted to let you know that the higher levels are cleaned for entire overnights monthly. It is just THAT hard to keep up. It doesn’t help that people visiting the mall throw garbage down on the store all the time 🙁

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