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Say No To Social Advertising

Both Facebook and Google+ are using your profile pictures to tie into ads. This helps those ads seem more appealing to your friends since you Liked or +1ed those companies in the past. Social ads are easy enough to disable though. In Facebook go to Settings -> Ads and click the ‘Edit’ button for ‘Ads […]

Social Icons: You and the Internet Are Using Them Wrong.

Take a moment and check the social icons on your website. Do they match the ones below? Exactly? Probably not. If you do a search for the social icons, you’ll come up with millions of different versions. Most are pretty cool too, but they are violating the brand guidelines outlined by the individual social network. […]

Are hashtags on Facebook actually useful? Will they catch on?

Now that Facebook hashtags, everyone is on board with using hashtags to let users organize content. But is it actually useful? Or is it a spammers paradise? Nerdery Post: Do Hashtags Make Social Networks Better or Worse? I think that they can be useful, and I want them to be, but it depends on the users. They […]

Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is here. Update your privacy settings now.

Facebook is rolling out Advanced Graph Search to all users starting Monday. It can be fun to play with, but you really should re-visit your privacy settings, audit your liked pages, clear out un-used, but still installed, installed apps, and update your profile privacy settings soon. Sorry. Video gone. 🙁 Experts warn Facebook users about changes to […]

How to stop Cartwheel by Target from sharing your coupons on Facebook.

Cartwheel is a new coupon app from Target. You can easily find coupons for lots of items and then just show the cashier your phone at checkout. The downside is you have to sign up with your Facebook account and then it auto shares any coupons you select with your Facebook friends. To disable this feature, or rather stop […]

Facebook’s Motivational Quotes & Art

Last week I was able to fly out to California and visit Facebook headquarters. One of the cool things about the area I was in were the quotes on the walls. Some were large, some where small, but they were all true to Facebook. They also had an art wall that showcased some pretty cool, […]

Facebook Home – Facebook’s Android Announcement

There is lots of buzz on the internet right now about Facebook’s Home app. The basics: Facebook Home is an application that puts people first, apps second. It’s not a phone, although Facebook partnered with HTC and ATT to build phones that are built around Facebook Home. Facebook now has ‘Cover Feed’ this is the […]

The truth behind Facebook and your privacy; it’s you, not them.

Facebook is the largest social network, if not the biggest site overall, and privacy is a big concern. Privacy is not just up to Facebook however, you are in control of your Facebook privacy and you are also the biggest security hole. First, the golden rule of the internet: If you don’t want people knowing something […]

Making Facebook application tabs mobile friendly. Kind of.

Facebook and mobile don’t go hand in hand when it comes to creating page tab applications. Facebook actually doesn’t show app tabs on mobile at all. Facebook does work with mobile when it comes to creating Facebook applications. To clarify: Page Tab Apps have URLs that look like this: Facebook Apps have URLs that […]