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Making Facebook application tabs mobile friendly. Kind of.

Facebook and mobile don’t go hand in hand when it comes to creating page tab applications. Facebook actually doesn’t show app tabs on mobile at all. Facebook does work with mobile when it comes to creating Facebook applications. To clarify: Page Tab Apps have URLs that look like this: Facebook Apps have URLs that […]


Facebook just wants to get you laid.

If I remember correctly, Facebook was created so Mark Zukerburg could get laid. Or at least that’s what I remember from the movie. That and he’s kind of a dick. Either way, it seems like Facebook wants to get you some lovin too. When I logged out of Facebook today I was presented with a […]


Is it: Internet FTW or WTF?

Every day there are three things I have to check out. First, what’s up on Twitter. So many tidbits of information, links and pictures. Then I head over to Facebook to see how those kids are doing. And no day is complete without posting something to one of my many WordPress blogs. Since Facebook, Twitter […]


Tool for adding Facebook app tabs to your page.

On February 1st, Facebook officially killed all app profile pages. However, what they left behind was a confusing and difficult way for users to add their app tabs to their pages. What use to be a simple click is now, create a new HTML page with specific code and then format your URL a specific way replacing […]


How to update your Facebook status so only some of your friends see it.

It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days. I have high school friends, co-workers, relatives and even my mother in-law follows my updates. However, I don’t always want to share everything with everyone. That’s why there are Facebook lists. Lists are a way of organizing your friends into groups; or circles if anyone uses Google+. You […]