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How to update your Facebook status so only some of your friends see it.

It seems like everyone is on Facebook these days. I have high school friends, co-workers, relatives and even my mother in-law follows my updates. However, I don’t always want to share everything with everyone. That’s why there are Facebook lists.

Lists are a way of organizing your friends into groups; or circles if anyone uses Google+. You can then select that list and see only updates from those friends.

You can also post updates only to a list. That way you can say “Man I totally got wasted last night” and not share it with your boss or mom. 😉

To create a list, look in the left sidebar of Facebook for lists. Chances are that Facebook has already created some, so click the ‘more’ link that appears when you hover over lists. From there you can create new lists.

Once a new list is created, look at the top of the right column for the box to add friends to this list.

So how do you post to a list? That’s easy. If you’re on the list page, just write in the status update box. If you’re on any other Facebook page, there is a drop down menu to the left of the post button. Here you can choose the list you want to post to.

The upside is you now have a list that allows you to send updates only to certain people. The downside is that you need to remember to only post to this list and you need to maintain the list.

No one knows they are on a list either. The only way they’d know something is up is if you told them, or if someone showed your mom the update from their Facebook account.

There you have it. Re-claim your Facebook by writing the updates you want while still keeping some secrets from those that don’t really need to know.

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