If you try and sign up for a Facebook account, Facebook will require you to enter in a phone number to verify you are a human. Then they will text you a verification number. This is all fine and dandy if you have a cellphone and texting plan.

If you are using Google Voice or Pinger you won’t be able to verify your account though as those services don’t support short code texting; which is what Facebook uses to verify.

However, you can verify via a phone call.

Basically what you need to do is be patient. The first day Facebook will require you to verify via text. No matter how many times you try, they’ll block you from your account until you verify.

Try back every day and eventually Facebook will allow you to verify via phone. It took about 3 days last time I checked, but you will get the option.

The downside to verifying via phone is that Facebook phone servers are often busy. So you may get a message to try back later.

Unfortunately it’s not always quick and easy, but you can verify your Facebook account without texting. This allows Google Voice, Pinger and land lines to actually verify Facebook accounts.