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Is it: Internet FTW or WTF?

Every day there are three things I have to check out. First, what’s up on Twitter. So many tidbits of information, links and pictures. Then I head over to Facebook to see how those kids are doing. And no day is complete without posting something to one of my many WordPress blogs.

Since Facebook, Twitter and WordPress are a key part of my day, I think it’s Internet FTW! What would I do without you guys?

Facebook Twitter WordPress

Then again, they do suck up a lot of my time. It’s pretty hard to keep up with all those tweets. And every few weeks or so Facebook comes out with some change that makes you wonder what the hell they are doing. Then there is all that time it takes to create good blog posts and stay on top of comments.

Some days WordPress, Twitter and Facebook are just too much and I wonder WTF I’m doing wasting my time on all these sites when it’s so nice outside.

WordPress Twitter Facebook

I guess it depends on the day, or the hour. Either way, I’m still here and the internet is not going anywhere. So I guess I’ll stick with FTW!

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