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Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search is here. Update your privacy settings now.

Facebook is rolling out Advanced Graph Search to all users starting Monday. It can be fun to play with, but you really should re-visit your privacy settingsaudit your liked pages, clear out un-used, but still installed, installed apps, and update your profile privacy settings soon.

Sorry. Video gone. 🙁

Experts warn Facebook users about changes to privacy settings. Video

Facebook’s Advanced Graph Search allows anyone to find all sorts of public information on Facebook that was previously hidden far, far away where no one could see it.

Even if your information isn’t set as public, your friends will be able to search all sorts of information about you.

You can now do Graph searches for things like:

  • Restaurants in Minneapolis, Minnesota my friends like (looking for good food)
  • Movies that people who like Shawn of the Dead like (looking for good movies)
  • All my friends that like Britney Spears (I’m so going to make fun of them)
  • My friends’ friends that are single women and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota (one of my friends need a date)
  • Males from Iowa who like Cross-dressing ( OMG )

You see how fast this can go from useful to OMG!

Facebook is taking all the information you have given them and making that information much easier to access.

Remember that one time you were drunk and we took that picture of you and posted it on Facebook? Yea, it’s easier to find now.

How about that one time your friend took your phone and Liked some pages that are a bit embarrassing? Those Likes are much more accessible now.

The easiest thing to do is update your privacy settings, unlike things you no longer Like, uninstall apps you don’t use, and do a Facebook cleaning!

Once you have your profile cleaned up, then start spying on your friends! You never know what you might find.

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