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Text Me Merry Christmas

Finally, a realistic Christmas song that captures the here and now. People will look back at this years from now and be like WOW, you were were all strange. Text me Merry Christmas Send a selfie too If you do, I’ll go ‘Neath the mistletoe And pretend my screen is you Show me that you […]


Get people to take the stairs by making them fun again.

Do you take the stairs or the escalator? Or, even worse, the elevator for only a few floors? What would happen if we took those boring stairs and made them fun? Chances, are a lot more people would use the stairs. Seems simple right? Now why don’t more places do something like this? It doesn’t […]


Single-tasking Is the New Multitasking

Love this video as it describes me perfectly. I feel like I’m going to miss something so I have everything open. I need to FOCUS! I also need to remember to try this on Thursday. However, I’ll probably get distracted and forget. 🙂