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Save the rain forests by following the frog.

I love good advertising because when it’s done right, it doesn’t feel like an advertisement. The Rainforest Alliance works to keep forests standing, protect wildlife, and is working to help curb climate change. All these things will make the planet better for all of us and all you need to do is Follow the Frog when you shop. Simple.


Brilliant Example of Reverse Psychology

Quite often important messages get trumped by all the wrong things. We focus on the negative as it’s easier to do and we don’t alway s know all the facts before making a decision. Because of this some good things lose out. In this example, a library was facing a lack of funds and wanted […]


This ‘Call Me Maybe’ thing is out of control!

I can’t go a day without hearing Call Me Maybe. Either it’s on the radio or there is a new parody! There are so many versions. And interestingly enough, each version is actually kind of cool. There is a parody for everybody! Jimmy Fallon Share It Maybe – Cookie Monster MEH ME MEH ME – Featuring […]


Lily’s Christmas Performance

Lily’s daycare had a Christmas party for the families last week. We all got together, ate some food and then the kids performed Christmas songs for us. It was fun seeing how much Lily likes daycare. She was running all around, wasn’t the least bit shy and just enjoyed herself the whole evening. Plus she […]


Welcome Home Troops

In October, the president said that troops in the Iraq war, nearly 40,000, would be coming home; and they’d be home for the holidays. Keeping right on his word, the troops are coming home. The greatest thing a family can hear from their soldier is “I’m coming home” and lots of families are getting that gift […]


America’s actually got some talent.

We’ve been watching America’s got talent and some acts are not very good. Others the judges think are good, but their just not Vegas quality. Then there are some great ones like the Silhouettes audition, that are creative and very talented. And, if you’re going to go on TV, you must have big dreams. The […]