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Facebook Home – Facebook’s Android Announcement

There is lots of buzz on the internet right now about Facebook’s Home app.

Facebook Home

The basics:

  • Facebook Home is an application that puts people first, apps second.
  • It’s not a phone, although Facebook partnered with HTC and ATT to build phones that are built around Facebook Home.
  • Facebook now has ‘Cover Feed’ this is the main feature of the new app.
  • Cover Feed allows you to see the latest posts from friends by just glancing at your phone.
  • It’s kind of like a fancy Facebook screensaver with some other cool features. 🙂
  • It’ll be available for download on April 12th for free on some Android phones via the Play store.
  • Not available for Tablets just yet.
  • No other phone or desktop OS are supported.
  • No developer API documentation yet, other than this page which outlines what it is.

All the official details are on Facebook’s Home page.

You can listen to us talk about it on NerdCast #14.

And, of course, TechCrunch has tons of opinions.

Overall, I think it looks like fun but I’m not sure if I’d want it front and center 24/7. I’m also concerned about privacy as they don’t talk about any lock screen. What if I lose my phone?!

It’ll be fun to play with and I should be able to get my hands on it on the 12th to give it a spin.

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