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2013 Overnight Website Challenge Winner – Urban Boatbuilders

Congratulations to Urban Boatbuilders for winning 3 out of 5 Overnight Website Challenge awards including Best in Show!

Urban Boatbuilders

I was lucky enough to be on the team Go Ahead, Caller which built the Urban Boatbuilders website. We had a great group of people and a well prepared, flexible non-profit. We all worked very well together and are very proud of the work that we completed.

The site, which isn’t live quite yet but is ready to launch, was built with SquareSpace and includes a responsive design, eCommerce, a parallax feature, photo galleries, blog, donations, email templates, and a branded MailChimp account; just to name a few things.

The website won Best Design/UX, Biggest Impact, and Best in Show!

As a gift for all our hard work, Urban Boatbuilders presented us with a handmade oar signed by employees and apprentices in their organization. Did I mention how much our non-profit rocked?!

Boat Oar and Awards

This is actually the first time a Nerdery team has won the Overnight Website Challenge which makes it even sweeter.

About Urban Boatbuilders:
Urban Boatbuilders is a non-profit youth development organization that uses wooden boatbuilding to support personal growth, strengths building, academic achievement, and the cultivation of hard and soft skills that help youth find and keep jobs while growing valuable life skills. Urban Boatbuilders work with at-risk youth in a variety of settings. They build youth one boat at a time.

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