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Do you plan for website maintenance? How big of an engagement do you need?

I’ve worked on a lot of projects over the years and one thing clients usually forget about is ongoing maintenance. Who’s going to take care of the site after it’s “done?” Lets be honest, a site is never really done. Clients often forget about things like software updates, bugs that show up after launch, and feature […]


Nerd Map

Someone is drawing an awesome WFH Nerds map on one of the office walls. See the bigger, final, version.


Lily the Nerd

Lily visited me at work today and had a lot if fun. She got to color some pictures for my co-workers, played with toys from people’s desks, and then got to play in the Nerditorium with other kids her age after work. Oh and she got to pet puppies and met some great people. I think […]


90s Modem Sound

The internet must have been down this morning at work as I overheard this. Sadly, they had to dial in twice as the first time didn’t take.