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TwisterMc Themes and Firefox 3 – Vote for your favorite.

With the Firefox 3 release upon us, a lot of people will be wondering about the status of my themes. So what is the status? iPox has been released. MidnightFox has been released. MidnightFoxy is in available. Miint has been released. iPox Aqua has been released. PinkHope is ready to go. HalloFF is ready for […]

Firefox 3 & iPox – An Update

Well, I spent a few hours yesterday trying to figure out how I was going to go about upgrading all my themes to Firefox 3.  So far, I haven’t had any good ideas. The new theme structure with Firefox 3 is different than Firefox 2.  I knew it would be.  And, at this time, there […]

iPox on Firefox 3 – What a Mess

I updated iPox to install on Firefox 3  and took it for a run.  What happened?  Well, lets just say there were a few issues. I was hoping for an easy transition from Firefox 2 to 3 but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Once the betas become release clients, then maybe I’ll start […]

iPox Halloween Costume

Are you one of the many fans of the iPox Firefox theme? Well I’ve got a treat for you. I created a quick Halloween costume for iPox. It’s a few tweaks to create a black menu & address bar along with an orange bookmarks bar and a green tab bar. Kinda spooky right? // Image […]

Mac Like Firefox Themes

If you’ve ever wanted a good Firefox theme to match the look of your Mac a bit more, there are lots of developers out there trying to make this happen. The best one, if you are actually on a Mac, is probably GrApple by Aronnax. His attention to detail is amazing. Other good choices are […]

iPox Remix – Modify or Create Your Own Theme

Announcing iPox Remix. No, it’s not a new theme, it’s the iPox source for you to customize. iPox Remix is not only the files, it is going to also be a set of walkthroughs that help you better understand how to create a Firefox theme. They could be used to modify iPox as you wish, […]

iPox Aqua – It’s all about the blue!

iPox has spun off a new version with brighter blues and all new buttons. It’s called iPox Aqua and it’s for those that like iPox, but want just a bit more kick out of the theme. Thanks to BitBox for the base buttons that started this re-work and thanks to you all for making iPox […]

iPox Mini Update

iPox 1.3 has landed and this version includes a few extension fixes and it adds in the ability to bring the old throbber back. Fission support was requested and I looked into it. It turns out that Fission doesn’t work well with a rounded toolbar. I played with it and added in support as much […]

Month of the Firefox Themes

Well it’s March and I’ve got some great news, this is the Month of Firefox themes from TwisterMc, aka me! 🙂 Not only do I have an all new theme to offer but just about everyone will get some sort of an update. Some long overdue, some just minor things. I’ve been working on a […]

iPox Goes Pink for Breast Cancer

The other day I got an email from Angel_Wings2000 who nicely asked me to create a breast cancer theme. So last night I created PinkHope. Whenever I think of breast cancer I think of lots of pink and white. So I thought iPox was a good starting point. I took a few hours and I […]