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TwisterMc Themes and Firefox 3 – Vote for your favorite.

TwisterMc & Firefox 3

With the Firefox 3 release upon us, a lot of people will be wondering about the status of my themes.

So what is the status?

iPox has been released.

MidnightFox has been released.

MidnightFoxy is in available.

Miint has been released.

iPox Aqua has been released.

PinkHope is ready to go.

HalloFF is ready for Halloween.

TinselTown has been released. More updates in November.

All others are waiting to be converted.

Currently, I have started work on iPox.  It’s looking pretty nice and it has advanced a bit from the current Firefox 2 version.  However, it’s a complete re-write.  I started from scratch and have a lot of editing to do.

To help me prioritize the order of other theme updates, please vote for which theme you’d like to see updated sooner rather than later. I do have a vague idea for the order that I’m going to work on them, but the votes could sway my decision.

Poll Closed

Notes: iPox is not in the poll as it’s going to be completed first.  You may also vote for up to two.

I don’t have a release date on iPox yet and the other themes are a ways off.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found an easy way to transfer a theme from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3.

I do plan on continuing to theme and getting everyone converted over.  It’s just a matter of time. 🙂

115 Responses

  1. Pixie says:

    I can’t wait for the Pink Hope update.

  2. mr.manu :) says:

    hey, thnx so much 4 ur work 🙂
    my girlfriend can’t wait 4 pink hope v.3 release 🙂
    and i cant wait 4 miint 😀
    tried to vote bur didnt know how 🙁
    anyway, we’ll wait 🙂
    thnx again

  3. debu says:

    Definitely midnight fox, I have I have an eye disability and looking at a light toolbar when my default firefox background and white text is no good. thanks for your work

  4. John says:

    Really looking forward to the update for iPox Aqua! I’ve been using that theme for almost a year now, but was bummed when I found out it wouldn’t work with FF3. My FF just doesn’t look the same without it. lol. But it’s all good, I understand how much work things like this take.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, bro! Your themes rock. 8)

  5. shadow7853 says:

    extero is fantastic.. I wait for this and for MidnightFoxy

  6. Treasure Finder says:

    Hope Miint is in your plans for FF 3.0. If so, please, don’t touch those buttons I love so much! It’s such a smart and beautiful theme! Fashionably green, flat, simple, different, pleasing to the eyes, intuitive, modern and, above all, small! What else could I ask for? After Miint I’d go with Midnight Fox, my favorite dark theme. Thanks a lot for the pleasure of browsing using Miint.

  7. John says:

    As long as you have Tinseltown updated by Christmas, I’ll be happy.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I definitely look forward to an iAqua update. I am seriously in love with this theme! But do you think you could also add a little development time for Midnight Aqua? I love this one as well, but there are a few elements that are either missing or ill themed/ broken for it to be a serious contender to iPox/ iPox Aqua. (I love those themes, too, by the way. ♥ ♥)

  9. Willow says:

    I have been using miint forever! It is so strange not having it anymore! I can’t wait till it gets updated.

  10. Aaron says:

    I need Miint for Firefox 3. Please port it soon.

  11. Ruinloth says:

    I’m looking forward for the ff3 compatible MidnightFox theme… make it quick!! 😀

  12. elynthar says:

    Waiting for the ff3 update of Bloodfire.
    It goes incredibly well with my windows skin and background and honestly, all those themes you posted for voting simply clash and destroy my desktop completely.
    No to all of them.

  13. Please!!! I LOVE PinkHope, i can’t wait for the new version!

  14. Gabrol says:

    MightnightFox all

  15. Gabrol says:

    oops, MightnightFoxy is the better! ^^”

  16. Trublood says:

    MidnightFox FTW!

  17. Kyah says:

    I’d like miint!

  18. N1GHT says:

    <3 Midnightfox 😉

    Pls update it =)

    Greetz from Germany

  19. Ramona says:

    I really hope that you will update Tinseltown for Firefox 3 in time for the holidays. It’s such a lovely, cheerful theme! I’ll miss it terribly if I can’t use it again. Thanks for making it in the first place, btw.

  20. Thomas says:

    Yes, Tinseltown will be out for the holidays. 🙂

  21. Matt says:

    Midnightfox soon pls!! I cant stand the bright default…

  22. Jenn says:

    I vote for midnight fox. I was an avid IE 6 *ICKY* lol user until I saw fire fox had themes lol ok so it wasn’t the best and smartest reason to change over but it worked now I would not use anything but fire fox and I am missing my theme so much it fits my website so well just compliments everything I do it fits all my bookmarks in the tool bar and everything and using something else is just not working for me. I know life doesn’t make things easy so please when you have time please update it to ff3. I am a graphics maker and if I knew how to make themes I would lol but I only change from midnight fox 3 2 times a year for Halloween and Christmas lol please update asap :O) thanks for taking the time to hear us all out.

  23. Kyle says:

    Miint is king! My favorite theme by far. I’m really looking forward to the updated version. Thanks for all your hard work!

  24. Helen says:

    Miintttt pleaseee.

  25. SheennO says:

    iPox Aqua: simple and nice theme… might you finish it soon, cuz the other themes (not yours ones) are a disaster for the firefox look

  26. lil girl says:

    I Love PinkHope for Firefox. I hope you update it for Version 3 PLEASE

  27. Morgenstern says:

    Please, update Midnightfox! It’s THE theme!
    Thanks for your work!

  28. Morgaine says:

    I vote for Pink Hope. I hope you can find time for it. Thanx~

  29. Jeremy says:

    I ain’t installing Firefox 3 until I get Miint on it!!

    Kudos, TwisterMC

  30. Micron says:

    I’ve been a big fan of your iPox and iAqua themes for quite a while, but now that I found out about iPox Aqua, that’s my new favorite. It blends in great with my Baghira KDE theme on Linux. You do great work!

  31. sovereignty68 says:

    although I’m eager to see FF3.0 support on all of those themes, but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease also create themes for thunderbird 2.x tooooooooo

  32. Tamara says:

    Guess I won’t be seeing an extero update in a long time…I suppose Miint will do!

  33. jo says:

    please make Ipox compatible with firefox 3

  34. Melissa says:

    I voted for Miint. It was the first and only theme I used after I installed Firefox, and I think it’s the only theme I can deal with, honestly. It was wonderfully flat and pleasing to look at.. Most fonts are round and shiny and never as sleek as Miint was. I did like the way the others looked but I never felt the urge to try them.. Miint was perfect.

  35. Thomas says:

    jo have you seen the iPox beta? Works well with Firefox 3.

  36. mice says:

    Please upgrade Miint! It defines what Firefox is to me. You made me choose Miint over Firefox 3 (though I downloaded it either way)

  37. M.Advardsson says:

    The combination of gray and light green makes Miint an interesting and beautiful theme. The small file size and simplicity are pluses.

  38. Friedel says:

    I still use FX2, ’cause there’s no miint for FX3…
    So please please update miint! 🙂

    (And btw: Is this vote closed? Or am i to stupid to vote?!?)

  39. Yes, *please* update Miint for the current (3.0) version of Firefox — it looks to be a particularly nice theme, and the colors(sic) complement my desktop’s background image and my own preference for “things green”.

  40. dizaster says:

    I just updated to FF version 3 after my customization-fanatic friends peer-pressured me into it…now that I’m here and it’s told me “MidnightFox isn’t compatible”! I have this UGLY default theme and it makes me want to go back to version 2. I miss my MidnightFox. Please update it soon!

  41. Jacob says:

    Miint is Minty fresh!!!!! I needs it I does

  42. Jo says:

    I need Midnight foxy followed closely by Midnight Fox, I am getting quite depressed now, please, please, please, please do one of these 2 first thanks

  43. Thomas says:

    I’m working on things…. it just takes a while. See the upgrade status’ above.

  44. Em says:

    So much do I miss Miint, I have been tempted to redownload Firefox 2.

  45. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been waiting to upgrade to FF3 until most of my add-ons were converted over, but I finally did today. I never knew how much I loved Midnight Fox until I went through over 10 different themes today dissatisfied with all the dark ones. So thank you so much for continuing to work on these! You rock =)
    (For now, iPox is keeping me happy)

  46. Stephanie says:

    P.S. I’m drawn to your themes because you make great use of screen real estate (one of my highest priorities, as I actually see how many pixels on the screen are toolbars/screen space). Also MidnightFox not only has awesomely colorful icons, it’s that all the colors of the icons are different so it’s easy to distinguish them quickly with no brain processing.

  47. essmm says:

    I saw Miint on Mozzilla and fell in love with the green. Please update it! o(_ _)o

  48. Lauren says:

    Please update HalloFF!!
    If you don’t I’ll be forced to go back to Firefox 2 😛

  49. Thomas says:

    HalloFF probably won’t be out until closer to Halloween. Sorry. 🙁

  50. parisianguy says:

    I think Miint has three different shades of green and one of gray. They go very well together and make the theme look elegantly unique. I know the author was inspired by a certain website, which gives the theme a special flair. I also appreciate the fact that it has a very small file size without compromising its functionality at all. Can’t wait to use it with Firefox 3.0. Thanks, TwisterMC, for making a lot of us happy with your always refined work.

  51. Nami says:

    Voted Miint, can’t wait to have it upgraded for firefox 3!

  52. Thomas says:

    I can not believe the number of Miint fans that that are around. I’ll see what I can do do get Miint in progress.

  53. Michelle Gonzales says:

    Please update HalloFF and Midnight Fox. They are both really awesome themes. I was quite disappointed to learn that it was not compatible with Firefox 3. I hope I will be using it during Halloween!! Thanks for designing some really great themes!! : )

  54. Nami says:

    Okay, thank you very much, Thomas! To have an answer from you reassure me about Miint.. I think i couldn’t be cool if I wouldn’t have news about it. ^^ And sorry if I do mistakes in english, I’m french so.. Waiting for miint, good luck!

  55. IceKat says:

    Totally vote for Pink Hope. That one is the best pink theme on firefox.

  56. michael says:

    gotta have miint. it’s the only one of it’s kind that i can stand. and it’ll go well with my green gnome theme!

  57. Melissa says:

    pinkhope <3

  58. alex says:

    gimme Miint please, i’ll take beta, i dont care
    thanks for creating the theme

  59. Mark says:

    I hope you include the FF3 style extra large back button.

  60. jessebear says:

    I’m from China, and I don’t know why I can’t download anything from your google group…
    PLEASE tell me where I can download them or send me the jar files via email~~~

  61. Thomas says:

    Mark – Yep, each theme includes an extra large back button.

    Jessebear – I’m unsure how to work with country issues at this time. I’ll try and get them uploaded to Mozilla as soon as I can.

    Everyone, Miint is available

  62. jessebear says:

    can you please do me a favor? I’m so eager to get your works, my email addr is [email protected]

  63. jessebear says:

    I’m waiting for iPox Aqua, extero and MidnightFoxy

  64. Anupam says:

    Gooooooooo ipox!!

    Glad you’re releasing it first. *hug*

    You may not believe this, but I delayed upgrading to Firefox 3 for a long time because I did not wish to lose the ipox theme!

  65. Grace says:

    I’m still waiting for PinkHope 🙂 It’s the BEST Firefox theme EVER! Been waiting to pink (pimp) my browser! lol

  66. Chris says:

    you’re themes are awesome!
    and for me, ipox & pinkhope are the best..
    but can u teach me on how can i apply those themes on safari? like u did?! 🙂

  67. Thomas says:

    Chris. Themes are only for Firefox. Safari is not compatible.

  68. Melissa says:

    when will pinkhope be done?

    btw, i still haven’t upgraded to firefox 3 cause i love the pinkhope theme so much XD

  69. Matheus says:

    I’m really looking foward to see Extero on my FF3

  70. Grace says:

    PINK HOPE! 😀

  71. MINT rocks! it’s the best theme that I’ve seen so far compared to all the firefox themes that I’ve installed. I hope you’ll create a blue mint theme.. hehe.. similar to mint, flat and simple, but it’s blue 🙂 or you can also create variants of theme similar to mint. Many people like simple and flat themes nowadays I guess 🙂

  72. Tomi says:

    I’m super excited
    for the update
    of Hallo FF.

    It’s my favorite one,
    by far.
    And, it sucks
    not having it for firefox 3.

    I can’t wait til
    “around halloween” then.

    But, I’m dying here =[

  73. Chelsea says:

    P-P-P-Please update Hallo-FF!! I Love Nightmare Before Christmas and miss it already, makes me wanna downgrade back to Firefox 2 🙁 *tear*

  74. Joe says:

    I really hope that HalloFF will be out soon. The Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie and i just cant wait for it to be converted.

  75. Gisele says:

    I was looking at your PinkHope theme and I love it but I can’t use it because I have Firefox 3 now. I’m asking you please, please update it, so we can all be happy 🙂
    I hope you can update it!!
    Thank You.
    I’m looking forward to use it.

  76. Thomas says:

    PinkHope is currently being worked on. 🙂

  77. LDB says:

    Oooh! I just can’t function without Tinseltown as my theme!

    Can’t wait for it! =D

    Thank you for your awesome work!

  78. Ingrid Oorbeek says:

    I can’t wait till Tinseltown is ready for version 3!

    Thank you already 🙂

  79. Melissa says:

    Thank you for updating the pinkhope theme! I’ve waited so long for this!


  80. Alina says:

    I miss Christmas! 🙁
    I can’t wait for the return of Tinseltown! …I’ll use HalloFF until then…
    Thanks for all of your work and your speedy updates.


  81. blackleg says:

    Tinseltown please! Love your work.

  82. Thomas says:

    Tinseltown will be coming before Christmas. HalloFF is next on the list.

  83. natedogg787 says:

    omg i just installed ipox aqua and its amazing! THANK YOU!!!

  84. Anna says:

    Please make a FF3 version of iAqua!

  85. Anna +1 says:

    I concur with Anna, the world needs ff3 iAqua goodness!

  86. It look’s like I’m not the only fan of iAqua…

  87. Malakins says:

    I love your Midnightfox theme, but I can’t get it to work with Colorful Tabs 🙁 It use to, and looked so cool with different colored tabs at the top.

  88. Chris says:

    I’m still using FF 2, because I can’t live without the iAqua-theme. It would be so great to have the reloaded version – I’d name my first born child after you …

  89. fardenan says:

    the best themes?
    it’s only Office 2007 black.

    the greatest themes that i’ve ever had.

    for Chris:
    still using ff2?
    don’t make a fool choise bro. ff3 is the best!!

  90. Kevin says:

    Can you please do Extero? I have been waiting for ages for it, and it’s an impressive theme, the best one for Firefox ever! 😀

  91. Thomas says:

    Poor Extero. I really hope I get to it, but can’t promise anything.

  92. Tec says:

    Hi Thomas! Thanks for working on the amazing iPox! I just have one question though. I’m using this with Stylish and the user style “Remove Tabs Alltabs Button For Firefox3” which can be found here:

    That style works fine for the default theme. Functionality and button gone. But with iPox, the Alltabs button is still there. The functionality is gone though. So, I was wondering, do you know a work-around for this?

    Again, thanks for the amazing theme! I love it! 😀

  93. Rodnox says:

    Dude, thanks for your work, but you’ve seriously got to work on your clean ups. I’m currntly working on a Theme and have used your Midnight Theme as base for it. Its an absolute mess inside. Graphics you don’t need belong in a “Off” Folder, the documentation is messi too. Appart from that, great work.

  94. Jo says:

    I think Rodnox has a bit of a cheek!
    To use Twistermc’s themes and then complain that they are messy.
    Have you got permission to use the theme?
    If you think it is terrible why are you using it anyway?
    If you are making your own theme surely you should make it from scratch and not pinch other people’s work!!!

  95. Rodnox says:

    Calm down Jo, I didn’t complain. I’ve mentioned it. It’s a web Developing Standart to keep code and folders clean. That makes it easy to rework them at any further Situation. And about the permissions, yeah I do have permission. The Files are all unter GNU Licence. Means for private use everybody can use it as he/she wants. And making it from scratch: I can tell by the look of the code that even TwisterMC did not make it from scratch, the Toolbaritems from a previous Theme are still around :D. Not many people do it from scratch, it is a unbelieveable work to rewrite all the Style Sheets. Greets

  96. Rodnox says:

    @ Chris, give me a link to the Aqua Theme and I’ll reworke it for you. Using an old Firefox Version can be dangerous. Greets

  97. Thomas says:

    Rodnox is right, the themes are a bit messy inside and the documentation probably could stand to be updated a bit more. It’s tough when Firefox continues to evolve. Thigns get added and removed and there are lots of leftovers. The Firefox actually left most of those un-needed images and it can be confusing. I just don’t have the time currently to get everything cleaned up.

    As for permission, anyone can use the files for whatever you want. I want you to create a Firefox theme that blows mine out of the water. 🙂

    Ohh and if anyone cleans anything up, please do let me know.

  98. Chris says:

    @ Rodnox: Are you serious? That would be so great, as long that’s okay for Thomas:
    I can’t use Firefox without that theme, so I hope I’ll be able to switch to FF3 in the future 😉

  99. Rodnox says:

    lol … didn’t realize that it is an TwosterMC Theme. I’m sure he’s gonna rework it himself one day. But since I’ve offered to do so, I’ll give it a go. I’ve just changed the install. txt so the old theme would work on FF3.5, just to see how big its gonna be. By the looks of now, its only the URL bar and the Google search bar, that are effected, as well as smaller correctures. That shouldn’t take too long to rework. 3 days in maximum i think. Could you or anybody give me a screenshot how the url bar has to look? I havn’t got a FF2.0 around to see myself. If not, well I’ll see how close i can come. Greets.

  100. Rodnox says:

    Now, I’ve just figured, that FF will be updated soon. 3.1 is now available as Beta Test Version and I’ve just installed it. I had to see that sevral things have changed. There is no “Tab” Icon any more, the Scrollbars have changed and there are changes on the url bar. From this point of view it would be a nonsense work to rework the Aqua Theme for the FF 3.0.5 Version. I will rework it for the 3.1 Beta Test Version, but there is no guaranty that this will work, when FF3.1 is released as final version. We’ll see.

  101. Rodnox says:

    Now, 4 Things before i write the link.
    1) Due to the fact that FF3.1 will be released soon, I have optimized the theme for 3.1. It will worke on 3.0.5 as well, but only in “small Icons”-Modus.
    2) I’ve done it quick and dirty, because I Expect a lot of changes for the final FF3.1 release and i simply dont want to do it 100% for just a couple of weeks. I’ll redo it again when FF3.1 is in final release.
    3) The “Tab” Icon has been removed from Firefox in Version 3.1. I find that a bit disturbing, but with [Strg] + [T] you can open a new Tab manually.
    4) There is a little gap between the “Forward” and “Back” Icon. Thats because of the missing “Tab” Icon. I’ll fix that in the final FF3.1 release.

    Hope you have fun. If there is any Problem, let me know.

    Oh yeah, I’m not too sure If it is working on Mac Machines. It should, but if not let me kno as well, i’ll try to fix it. I simply have no Mach Machine here to test it. It works under Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Linus/freeBSD.


    To install open [tools] -> [Addons] -> [Themes], drag & drop the *.jar file into the Popup Window and follow the upcoming instructions.

    Hope that helps.

    • Thomas says:

      The file doesn’t install for me. It throws and error. When I change the file from .jar to .zip it doesn’t work. I wonder if there is an issue with the way it was packaged.

      • Rodnox says:

        Hmmm, it works for me. You’ve got mac Machine right? I’ve just asked a friend with mac machine to install the theme and he says as well it throws a 207 error.

        When i now look in the other themes, i find certain mac files like the “._.DS_Store”. Now as I’ve said, I dont have a clue how to adapt a theme to work on macs as well. maybe you can tell me or even write a tutorial, because my search for a solution has been successles so far.

        By now only linux or windows user can use the theme. sorry. But I’ll keep on searching for a solution, cause i#d like to know myself for the future.

  102. Rodnox says:

    Hmm, seems like my Post 2 mins ago hasn’t gone tru. Is that because it contains the download URL? Did it got caught in the Spambotfilter? Maybe Twister will submit it manually when he checks his moderated Comments.

  103. Thomas says:

    iAqua3.1-files.jar worked! Definitely some work left to do, but you’re getting somewhere. Did you use the iPox Remix tutorials to create iAqua? That might help.

    • Rodnox says:

      Yeah, its only done for about 50%. As I’ve said, I wont waste my time to do it all the way now for FF3.0, while FF3.1 is upcoming for release at the end of March. Changes will be the removal of the “Tab” toolbar-icon, the change of stylesheets for the Scrollbars and the now using gecko 1.3.1 machine. So there will be changes until the final release.

      The current Version wil look fine on FF3.0, with small icons and who really wants this theme, can use it for now. I’ll rework it when the final FF3.1 release is out. Actually if you copy the Toolbar-small.png and rename it to Toolbar.png (obviously have the original toolbar.png deleted or renamed as well) you can use the big toolbar icons as well.

      I didn’t use any tutorial, I just looked up the Style Sheets, used Gimp to rework the small toolbar and after that it was only resetting the install.txt and the packing.

      I’m actually on another Theme at the moment, that makes it pretty easy to remember where files and details are hidden. After all, the system inside the themes is weired alright. would be nice if the folder were logicly arranged, but hey …. thats the mozilla developers crazy work.

      Thanks for trying

  104. Chris says:

    Okay, I finally switched to FF3 (and I’m using the smoke theme right now) – I’d still be thrilled if there’d be an Update for iAqua.

    @Rodnox: Thanks for trying! 🙂

    Best regards

    • Thomas says:

      I’d be happy if there was an update to iAqua too, it just doesn’t seem to look like that’s going to be happening. 🙁

      • Cathy says:

        I just installed the iAqua Beta 3 theme and wanted to let you know I love the way it looks. Gives a nice, subtle touch of color in lieu of the regular Mac gray.
        I did notice some irregularities with this theme, such as tabs are really large and they don’t have a close button on them. Also this Beta doesn’t appear to be completely compatible with Tab Mix Plus.
        Are you planning to pursue work on iAqua to make it compatible with Firefox 3.5 and popular extensions like TMP?

  105. 44 says:

    Dude your themes are awesome!I love them all but there are no updates for the iAqua and extero.Will you update them for FireFox 3.5?If the answer is No can I try to update them for Firefox 3.5?

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