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I’m retiring from Firefox theming.

It’s been a fun journey over the past 5 years creating Firefox themes. I created nearly a dozen themes, stating with iPox, and I’ve got over 5 million downloads! However, I just can’t keep up. With Firefox 4 just around the corner, my themes would probably need to be revamped from the ground up and […]

Christmas + Firefox = Tinseltown

Do you like Christmas? Do you like Firefox? Then Tinseltown is for you. Tinsteltown is a Christmas theme for Firefox that turns your browser into a winter wonderland of Christmas fun. If you’ve already tried Tinsteltown, then check out the update that just came out. It fixes a few bugs and adds support for Firefox […]

Firefox 3.6 Theme Compatibly

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that my themes are currently NOT compatiblewith Firefox 3.6. I tested it out the other day and nothing happened. No error, no theme, no luck. The good news is I was able to find out why and fix it. I had to re-do the theme structure […]

Tinseltown Is A Part of Mozilla’s First Fashion Your Firefox

Have you heard about Mozilla’s Fashion Your Firefox? It’s Mozilla’s way of showcasing exceptional Firefox addons and grouping them in a way that makes it easier to find great addons. Under the Decorator heading are a handful of themes that were picked based on quality and usability. One of those addons is Tinseltown. I’m honored […]

Tinseltown Theme gets 50% more snow!

I’m happy to release the next update to Tinseltown today.  This version cleans up a lot of the areas that I didn’t spend to much time on with the early release. Tinseltown Updates Include: Right click menus have new snow graphics. URL bar auto complete menu has been re-designed with a snowman. Back/Forward drop down […]

Tinseltown For Firefox 3 – Early Release

I’ve had quite a few people wonder where Tinseltown was.  In my mind, Christmas is still a little ways away and it’s easiest to build a Christmas theme when you are in the Christmas mood.  However, I pulled together an early release of Tinseltown for Firefox 3. What’s an early release?  Well it just means […]

Why I Love Theming Firefox

Theming Firefox has its good and it’s bad times.  Yes, it’s a lot of work for no money, but making people happy is something I like to do too.  And it appears that, according to Mozilla’s stats, I’m making a lot of people happy with my themes. Check out these stats! MiintTotal downloads since April […]

Why I would quit theming today.

I love to create Firefox themes, make addons and lots of freebees that others often enjoy.  I do this on my free time and love to see people enjoy them.  But some days, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve recently got a few comments from a visitor saying “hurry up and release the […]

TwisterMc Themes and Firefox 3 – Vote for your favorite.

With the Firefox 3 release upon us, a lot of people will be wondering about the status of my themes. So what is the status? iPox has been released. MidnightFox has been released. MidnightFoxy is in available. Miint has been released. iPox Aqua has been released. PinkHope is ready to go. HalloFF is ready for […]

Tinseltown Feedback Wanted

It’s that time of the year again. Time to put up the lights, shop till you drop and dress up your Firefox with Tinseltown, a Christmas theme. I’ve no formal update plans for Tinseltown, so I’m asking you. What would you like to see updated? I’ve been running Tinseltown for a few days and there […]