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I’m retiring from Firefox theming.


It’s been a fun journey over the past 5 years creating Firefox themes. I created nearly a dozen themes, stating with iPox, and I’ve got over 5 million downloads! However, I just can’t keep up.

With Firefox 4 just around the corner, my themes would probably need to be revamped from the ground up and I just don’t have the time. Heck, some of theme aren’t even updated for Firefox 3.6!

It’s a hard decision to make though as I loved creating them. I loved making the fans happy and I wish I could keep up with them.

I’ve got other things going on that are a better use of my time so I’m saying goodbye to Firefox themes.

So what’s going to happen to the themes? Good question!

At this point and time they’ll remain as they are. No updates, no development.

If you’re a Firefox themer, I’d be open to discussing letting you take them over and continuing their creation. The only thing I ask is that you keep the integrity of the themes intact.

I gave iAqua away years ago and it found a nice home. I was happy to see it continue to live on with a new developer.

extero also went to the same developer, however it turned into a completely different theme and extero as I knew it disappeared.

It’s hard for me to give my themes to a new developer as I worry that they’ll turn them into something that I don’t like. Then again, I have to get over that as it’s their theme now and it’s better to live on then fade away into nothingness.

If you’re waiting for me to update one of my themes, it’s sad to say, but it’ll probably never happen. Then again, I may pull a Brett Favre. You never know, but I doubt it.

It’s been a great journey and everyone who downloaded my themes rock! It was a lot of fun and I’ll miss it.

Thank You!

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  1. Sleepydude says:

    Your themes will be missed immensely. I don’t like the minimal screen realestate that the browser’s are using nowadays. It’s not theme friendly. I love themes. That is one of the things about Firefox that caught my eye before version 1.0. I really love your Tinseltown theme. I couldn’t wait to start using it in November. One month wasn’t long enough so I start early. I just love Christmas time and Tinseltown brightened up first my PC and now my Mac. Please do pull a Favre. I’m sure you’ll perform better than he is this year.

  2. Newfie says:

    I agree the tinseltown theme is excellent. I have not been able to get the christmas toolbar to activate with the windows 7 but otherwise the theme is great. I hope you do find the time to continue on with your work.

  3. Sue says:

    I, too, am sorry to hear Tinseltown will not be updated for Firefox 4. I love this theme and would be really happy to see it upgraded. (I hate it that the FF developers can’t figure out how to keep good stuff working from version to version.)

  4. Brice says:

    :/ So sad. The only thing keeping me from updating to 4 is that I can’t take Midnight Fox with me.

  5. Skylar says:

    I’m so sad that Midnight Fox will not be updated for use with 4. Its been with me for a looooong time and now that I’ve got 4, I’m not happy with any of the compatible themes and find myself disappointed. Here’s to hoping you’ll pull that Brett Favre!

  6. Kim says:

    I’m so disappointed that you won’t be updating pink hope, although I know that its all very time consuming.

    Really hoping you pull a Brett Favre!

  7. Tiffany says:

    Just so you know, I’ve been using Tinseltown since it first came out year after year after year. 🙂 I love it. And when there was a lapse between versions, I would always settle for another theme, but would check monthly for Tinseltown. And whenever you updated it, I would again switch.

    I understand that you’re busy and you say you’re retiring, and I’m going to hold on from updating Firefox to 4 as long as I can because I absolutely love this theme. But when I HAVE to, I WILL be checking monthly just to make sure you haven’t change your mind. 🙂

    Thank you for the great theme!

  8. Katie says:

    I teach web development at a university. I’d really like to continue with your development of the Pink theme. Breast Cancer awareness is important to me and I promote ‘pink’ in many things I do at work. If you’d allow it, I’d be happy to give you eternal credit if I can take over and build upon it. It won’t work in Firefox 5.01, which was disappointing. I’ve upgraded to Lion and many applications will have to be updated. Thank you.

  9. Kit says:

    Would you be able to update MidnightFox – Dark Firefox Theme for the latest Firefox? 😀
    I love this theme so much that I don’t want to update my Firefox until this is updated! :3

  10. Jim Swoboda says:

    I’m really sad to see this end, I was just “forced” to go to firefox 11. their theme selection is horrible. The one I will miss the most is tinsletown. I now have no Christmas theme 🙁 I hope that if you ever decide to make a brief re-emergence that it will be to update this one theme. Take care, good luck in life…..

  11. Katie says:

    I am in the process of revising the pink version which is similar. I’m also documenting it for students. When I’m finished I’ll post links here. Unfortunately Firefox keeps updating all the time which breaks code that we create.

  12. JW says:

    Oh, I miss Tinseltown so much!!! If I had the knowledge I would update it myself. Unfortunately I’ve got no idea about making themes for firefox.

  13. Matt Emery says:

    I am so dissapointed with the loss of Tinseltown. I looked forward to it every year and now with FF 17.0 and a new one every month the ressurection of Tinsletown looks bleak. I may consider downgrading as far as I can just for the few months Tinsletown can brighten my day.

    Enjoy your retirement! Make it worth it!

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