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Picking and eating apples.

Lily Eating An Apple

Lily Eating An Apple

The other day we took Lily out on her first apple picking adventure.

The orchard we went to had lots of animals to see, pumpkins to check out and, of course, apples!

Walking out into the orchard was a bit troublesome for Lily as she doesn’t pick her feet up to far off the ground. So she was tripping over quite a few things. However, she didn’t care.

Once we were out amongst all the apple trees, Lily started to pick apples. She first wanted the ones on the ground, as they were at her level, but those were no good. So we picked her up and let her pick her own apple right from the tree.

Once she had it in her hand, she went to town on it. She ate nearly 1/2 the apple before we decided to take it away. She had apple juice all down the front of her and she thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Check out Lily eating the apple she picked. If you have the sound up, you can hear her sinking her teeth into the apple.

We had so much fun that we are thinking of going to another orchard before the season is over. Possibly even going to a pick your own pumpkin patch this year too.

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