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A little holiday bubbly.

Holiday Santa bubble light., a photo by TwisterMc on Flickr. It’s nearly Christmas and I’m ready! Only a couple more sleeps and then my daughter will be spoiled rotten. Not to mention all the food we are going eat and family we’re going to see. Now, how about a little more snow to freshen up […]

What if Christmas doesn’t come from a store?

I went to the mall yesterday to get a few small things and boy was that busy. On the way to the mall, the first exit had 50 cars backed up on the freeway trying to get off. At first I thought there was an accident. Nope, just holiday traffic. Luckily the second exit had no one. […]

A trip to the fair and a weekend away make for a great Labor Day weekend.

Labor day weekend this year started with me taking Friday off and heading to the Minnesota State Fair with the family. The fair is always a good time. I’m a big fan and wish I could see it all and do it all. We had plenty of eats from pork chop on a stick to mini donuts. A […]

Things we can learn from a toddler.

My daughter Lily is about to turn 3 and she is one busy little girl. She wants to know about everything, do everything and just enjoys life. The world through toddlers eyes is amazing. I can’t even imagine all the things that are going through her head. But I do know that we adults could […]

Lots of Lily videos uploaded.

I finally went though my videos and uploaded 11 videos to YouTube. Some are from the past couple weeks, others may be a few months old. Here are a few of my favorite: Feeding cows on grandpa’s farm Lily’s 2nd Birthday Lily dancing with Lily

Daycare: In-home, at home and now a center.

Lily started her new daycare today and she was very excited. It was a bit like sending your kids off to school as she had her little backpack, supplies and some new clothes. She was going someplace new with lots of other kids, toys and the unknown. Ok, so maybe it was more Mom and […]

Cupcakes, Cows, Presents & Water

Our little girl is now two years old! What better way to celebrate than with two parties and doing all the fun things she loves to do. It started out with Uncle Josh visiting on her birthday. That’s pretty special as he was in from California. Josh gave her some plastic food so she could […]

101 Things To Do With Your Toddler

Looking for something to do with your toddler? Here are 101 ideas! Some of them you already do and others are a little weird. All look like fun though. Color Blow Bubbles Play Hide-and-Seek Peek-a-Boo Play Chase Do Finger-plays Sing a song Collect rocks in a basket Make an obstacle course out of cushions and/or […]