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A trip to the fair and a weekend away make for a great Labor Day weekend.

Labor day weekend this year started with me taking Friday off and heading to the Minnesota State Fair with the family.

The fair is always a good time. I’m a big fan and wish I could see it all and do it all. We had plenty of eats from pork chop on a stick to mini donuts. A little bit of this and a bit of that and I’m still hungry.

Lily was really excited to go down the big slide this year. We told her that we’d take her so as soon as we got there she wondered where it was. She loved it too. We had to ride together but that made it more fun. With each little hill she smiled and giggled. She didn’t care about the height or how many steps it took to go up, she just loved the ride down.

Lily's first Tilt A Whirl RideLily also wanted to go on the carousel as she’d been on them in the past and likes them a lot. However, I mentioned, not seriously, about the Tilt A Whirl and suddenly we changed from the carousel to the Tilt A Whirl. Now, I didn’t know that a three-year old could ride on the Tilt A Whirl, but they say if she’s with an adult, then it’s OK. So Christi and I took her for a ride and we spun around and around and Lily loved it. Actually, all three of us had a pretty darn good time.

We spent a few hours at the fair until we all started getting tired and then it was onto our next destination. This time, without Lily.

Christi’s parents took Lily for the weekend and stayed here while we went down to their house. The goal was to just get away and relax a little. No kid, no house, no bills, no worries.

While away we went for a nice walk on the Fountain trail and hit up the Four Daughters Winery in Spring Valley for some wine tasting. Four Daughters is quite a nice place and some of the wine is very tasty! So much so that we got a bottle to take home. Highly recommend checking it out and I’m not even that big on wine.

Now here we are, back at home and back at the computer. All weekend I didn’t check Facebook or Twitter or anything. I stayed mostly disconnected and it was nice.

Soon I’ll be back to work and back in the thick of it, but for now, I still have an afternoon to relax and who knows, maybe go to the beach?

Summer is not over for me, it’s still in full swing!

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