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Surviving Halloween and the sugar overload.

Last night was Lily’s first Halloween where she dressed up and went trick or treating; her second overall. The first place we went was the grocery store. Each department hands out some sort of goodie and we got string cheese, an apple, banana, teddy grams, pop and even a VHS video. No candy though at […]

Never to young to play in the leaves.

One of the outdoor activities Lily loves is playing in the leaves. We were lucky enough to have a really nice fall day over the past weekend. The temperature was decent, the sun was out, the leaves were dry and there was no wind. So into the backyard we went to play in the leaves. Lily loved it! We […]

One may be to young to carve pumpkins.

Over the weekend we decided to carve pumpkins. We thought it’d be a fun family activity and it turns out, Lily is still to young. We opened up and cleaned out the pumpkins while she was napping and once she got up, we started carving. Turns out, she only liked the pumpkin guts and really didn’t care […]

Picking up rocks, then tasting them.

Being out on Grandpa’s farm is fun. There are lots of things to see and do and we have fun. Lily decided to help Grandpa by picking up the rocks on his driveway. One by one she was doing well at picking them up and handing them over. Then she found a small one, a bite […]

On Grandpa & Grandma McMahon’s Farm

Over the weekend we took Lily out to my parents farm where she got to see the cats, dogs, cows and even a tractor. I think she liked the cats the best, but we all had a good time showing her all the new things. As she grows up, she’ll love it even more. We’ve […]

Picking Pumpkins

This is Lily’s second Halloween, but her first where she’s actually aware of what’s going on. So we decided to make it special by going out and picking our own pumpkins. It wasn’t only Lily’s first time picking pumpkins, but as a family, we’d never done it either. We all had a lot of fun […]

Picking and eating apples.

The other day we took Lily out on her first apple picking adventure. The orchard we went to had lots of animals to see, pumpkins to check out and, of course, apples! Walking out into the orchard was a bit troublesome for Lily as she doesn’t pick her feet up to far off the ground. […]

Our first weekend away from Lily.

Over Labor Day weekend, we had our first weekend away from Lily. It was two nights, and nearly two days, of just me and the wife with no baby and it was fun; weird but fun. As new parents, we get so use to carrying the diaper bag, pushing a stroller and doing all those […]

Dear mosquitoes, stop biting my baby girl.

I love Minnesota, but the mosquitoes are no fun. Nearly every day my wife, baby girl and I go for a walk. And nearly every day, we get bit by mosquitoes. I joke that Lily has mosquitopox. The red bumps make me think of chickenpox, but lucky for us, they’re not. We’ve tried getting a clip-on […]

Lily’s first birthday party!

Lily’s first birthday party went off quite well. Unfortunately, one set of grandparents couldn’t make it due to illness, but it’s better they stay away than spread it to everyone else. Other than that we had good food, cake and fun. Lily got to see some people she doesn’t see as often and she got […]