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Surviving Halloween and the sugar overload.

Last night was Lily’s first Halloween where she dressed up and went trick or treating; her second overall.

Lily & Dad - Halloween 2010

Lily & Dad - Halloween 2010

The first place we went was the grocery store. Each department hands out some sort of goodie and we got string cheese, an apple, banana, teddy grams, pop and even a VHS video. No candy though at that stop.

Then, once it got a little darker, we went to the daycare lady’s house and got our first candy. We were letting Lily carry it around in her pumpkin bucket and she was all excited. So excited, she at half a Butterfinger before we knew what was going on. She ate the wrapper and all! We then realized that we had to keep her candy a bit farther away from her.

After that, we went around the block to see the neighbors. We only hit a few houses but got enough candy. Lily wanted to walk most of the time, but she also wanted to pick up all the leaves.

By the time we got nearly around the block, she was starting to get crabby. I think her Butterfinger sugar high was kicking in.

She ate some candy on Halloween and probably had more sugar than she needed. As we went through the night, she seemed to be up quite often jumping in her crib. It seems that she realized that sugar is good for keeping her up all night.

I think we’ve had plenty of sugar for a while. Mom and Dad will work on finishing off the candy and are more than happy to do so.

Our first Halloween out trick or treating was a success and everyone had a good time.

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