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Working on Walking

It’s already that time were our baby girl is learning to walk. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that she was learning to crawl! So far Lily has no issues standing up, can walk along the couch or other object and has taken a few steps on her own. And she’s loving it. It’s […]

3 days, 900 miles and one good baby.

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Bismarck, ND for a wedding and were extremely happy with how well Lily rode in the car. Friday evening we drove to Bismarck, spend the day Saturday, and drove back Sunday morning. That’s about 900 miles in just three days. Lily sat in her car seat and […]

From tiny and fragile, to mobile and fun in under 9 months.

It was 9 months ago today that Lily was born; yet it seems much longer. When we brought her home from the hospital it was all about being so careful, trying to out what we were doing, and sleeping when we could. Now we’re swinging our little girl around, letting her crawl everywhere, and have […]

Introducing Pets To A New Baby

Back when we were contemplating about getting pregnant, one of the things we worried about was how our cats would deal with a baby. We love our cats and didn’t quite know what to expect. The good news is, it’s worked out better than we ever expected. Here is what we did that seemed to […]

What gift do you get mom for her first Mother’s Day?

Today is my wife’s first Mother’s Day. I went back and forth on a gift, as I wasn’t sure what to get. Since the gift is supposed to come from Lily, and she’s not old enough to decide, what does a dad do? I thought of all the typical gifts, like jewelry and what not, […]

It’s quiet, to quiet without anyone home.

It sure is quiet around this house without my girls. They’ve gone away for the weekend and I’m left to entertain the cats, do a few household items, and relax. This is the second time I’ve been away from my girls since Lily has been born and it’s weird. I get so use to being […]

First time in a hotel and in a swimming pool.

Over the weekend our baby girl Lily got to experience her first time in a hotel and the first time swimming! We were worried about swimming due to the chlorine in the pool and her only being 6 months old, but our doctor said it was OK so into the pool we went. Lily didn’t […]

Lily is six months old today. Where’s the cake?

Wow, six months have gone by in a flash. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital and not sure what we were doing. Lily has learned so much in six months. We’re mumbling all the time, rolling around, smiling, laughing, eating mushed foods, and sleeping at night to name […]