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What gift do you get mom for her first Mother’s Day?

Happy Mothers Day

Today is my wife’s first Mother’s Day. I went back and forth on a gift, as I wasn’t sure what to get.

Since the gift is supposed to come from Lily, and she’s not old enough to decide, what does a dad do?

I thought of all the typical gifts, like jewelry and what not, but wanted to get something that they could both enjoy. It actually was a hard decision and it really shouldn’t be.

Just wondering what gifts other dads get mom for her first Mother’s Day, or any Mother’s Day for that matter.

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  1. SPOC says:

    I bought my wife a planter of flowers. This is her first REAL mother’s day, as she was laying up in bed last year and couldn’t really enjoy it.

    • Thomas says:

      A planter of flowers is smart as it’s like getting her fresh flowers all summer long.

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