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The amazing sleep patterns of babies.

Lily Waking Up

Lily Waking Up

I’m constantly amazed at the stages babies go though and how quickly they pass.

When Lily was born it took work to put her to sleep and she’d be up every two hours or so.

After about two months she was easier to put down and sleeping a few hours at a time.

Then it got to the point where we only got up once at night.

Then she started sleeping all the way though the night, as long as you could get her to go to bed which took a bit of work sometimes.

Now, at almost 9 months, she goes down pretty easy and stays asleep. Just now I fumbled her as I put her in her crib. I didn’t drop her, but I was sure she’d wake right up; but she didn’t. Not even a peep. When her head hit the mattress she just rolled over and went back to sleep. Amazing.

For all new parents that are struggling with the sleepless nights, they’ll go by fast and pretty soon your baby will be sleeping like an angel.

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