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Dear ear infections, you suck.

Last night Lily woke up crying again. We tried the hug & a book approach but this time it didn’t work. She’d go down for short periods of time, but then she’d be backup and crying. We then tried to let her sleep with us, but that wasn’t working well either. She’s sleep for maybe […]

Sometimes all we need is a hug and a story.

For some reason, Lily has been waking up shortly after going to bed recently. Then she breaks down and just cries. She gets all worked up and it’s so sad. Not to mention very out of the ordinary. After a little while, we go in and give her a hug. Then we sit down and […]

There is no style like comfortable.

One great thing about little kids is that they are comfortable being who they are. They don’t care about what they wear, how they look to others or if they seem to be doing everything a little odd. As long as they are comfortable, they are good to go. For example, this is Lily taking a nap […]

Changing Up The Schedule

One thing about little ones is that they like their schedule, and so do we. We know when they’re going to get up, when they’re going to go to bed and when they’ll eat. However, now I’m looking at changing that. It won’t be a big change, but since I have a new job, I’d […]

Testing out SleepSacks with feet.

While at the store the other day, we noticed that SleepSacks now come with feet. It’s a way of allowing your little one to run around with a sleep sack on and, when it’s time for bed, you just put their little feet back into the SleepSack. So we bought one. We’ve had it for […]

Sleeping in the dark.

Last Thursday, Lily slept her first night in the dark. She didn’t mean to though. You see, we have a night light that we turn on whenever she goes to bed. However, Dad forgot to turn it on. It wasn’t until she was fast asleep, and we were going to bed ourselves, that we noticed. […]

When can we start putting blankets on our baby?

We were told from day one that blankets couldn’t go in the crib for safety reasons. Of course, if Lily was swaddled in a smaller receiving blanket, than that was ok. The sad thing is, we got lots of nice blankets for shower gifts and even home-made ones! They’ve been used, but never for sleeping. So when […]

Letting them cry themselves to sleep really works?!

There is a lot of advice that comes and goes. Some is easy to do while others sounds like the worst thing ever. Like when we were told to lay Lily down and just let herself cry herself to sleep. If we did this, she’d eventually allow us to put her to bed, while awake, […]

Overnight diapers help stop Lily from waking up at night.

Last week I wrote about how Lily was waking up at 4:30am. We thought it might be because her diaper was getting too full so we got ourselves some overnight diapers. Sure enough, that has helped a lot! She still wakes with a really full diaper, but it’s not like her pjs are wet. And […]

It’s hard to update the daddy blog when someone gets up at 4:30am.

You may have noticed that my posts have been few and far between lately. It seems that Lily has gotten into a habit of not wanting to go to bed easily, and then getting up at 4:30 in the morning. This leaves Dad taking care of Lily instead of perusing the internet and writing blog […]