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Lily is quite the storm trooper.

We’ve had a lot of storms this summer and I keep thinking that they will wake up Lily during the night, but they haven’t. She just sleeps right through them. Tonight, when the storms rolled through, thunder lit up 3 out of 5 bars on the baby monitor and yet Lily didn’t make a sound. […]


Is there a night owl stage in babies?

Lily has recently decided that sleeping is not her thing. She use to go down about 8 every night with little to no fuss. However, recently she hasn’t wanted to go to bed at all. We still have the same routine, but by 8:30 she’s still wide awake. Same goes for 9 and 10. She […]


I’ll admit it, I’m a softie.

I know that a lot of magazines, books and other parents will tell me that you need to let your baby cry. But it’s hard and I give in. Our little girl falls asleep about 8 and sleeps all though the night. That’s why when she woke at 9pm tonight, something seemed off. She was […]


I guess daylight savings time does screw up babies.

When I first heard that daylight savings time screwed up babies sleep schedule I was a bit skeptical. I agree that a time chance can cause a problem, but didn’t think it’d be that big of deal. That was until we tried to put Lily to bed. In Lily’s mind, it was 7, not 8 […]


Can babies have nightmares?

Last night, about 11pm, Lily started making noise in her crib; she started to whimper and cry. It wasn’t a loud I’m hungry or I’m hurt cry, in fact, she wasn’t even awake! After a minute or two I went in to check on her and she was definitely asleep. I touched her head and […]