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When do babies sleep through the night?

Garfield SleepingI think all new parents want to know when their babies will sleep through the night. Our Lily does a pretty good job some nights, and others not so much.

She’s gotten back into the waking up in the middle of the night to feed. This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when she’s eating all sorts of baby foods now.

People always told us that babies sleep though the night when:

  • They are 5 months old.
  • When they start eating baby food.
  • When they learn the difference between night and day.
  • When you get them on more of a schedule.

I think we’ve got all those down and it’s still hit and miss.

I’m not complaining, just wondering. I realize that you can’t have a good night every night, but it’d sure be nice. I have friends who says their little girl slept though the night right away and has never had an issue.

I think it’s different for every baby and I’m hoping that we can get more sleep though the night nights so dad can also get more sleep too.

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  1. SPOC says:

    For us, i think it was that 5 month mark but here recently (8-9 months old) it’s, as you said, hit or miss. For the most part, it’s the teething. Normally a child will wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep on their own. When they’re teething, they’ll wake up and stay awake because their teeth are bothering them. I’m a first time dad just like you, but this has been my experience.

    • Thomas says:

      Lily has two teeth already and I do remember when they woke her up in the middle of the night. Lately I think she’s just been lonely or hungry. Not sure which.

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