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I guess daylight savings time does screw up babies.

Dashboard Clock IconWhen I first heard that daylight savings time screwed up babies sleep schedule I was a bit skeptical. I agree that a time chance can cause a problem, but didn’t think it’d be that big of deal. That was until we tried to put Lily to bed.

In Lily’s mind, it was 7, not 8 and she wasn’t ready by any means.

Sure, our day wasn’t out of the ordinary. She didn’t get up late, her feedings weren’t changed due to the time, but yet she knew something was up.

When we tried to put her to bed she cried and cried and cried. What usually takes 10-15 minutes took more like 45-60. She wasn’t happy and wasn’t going.

Eventually she got tired of crying and fell asleep. I really hope this isn’t an issue all week.

I’m thinking that when she has to get up earlier tomorrow, due to getting to daycare and all, it will help set things straight in her mind.

I can hope at least.

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