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iPox Version 3

iPox version 3 is now available!

iPox 3

iPox v3 has landed with some re-designed elements, bug fixes, and iPox Aqua mixed in.

So what’s new?

  1. The scrollbars have been re-designed utilizing CSS. They are now a light grey with a nice mouse over effect.
  2. The throbber has been reverted back to the Mac throbber.
  3. The URL bar has been re-designed to *hopefully* work better with URL extensions. It’s now all CSS and even highlights when active.
  4. Added a full screen button.
  5. Also includes many fixes under the hood to incorporate a bunch of smaller, missing elements. Probably didn’t catch them all, but it’s better.

As a bonus, iPox Aqua was rolled into iPox. No longer will there be two separate themes. If you want to change the navigation buttons to blue, you’ll need Stylish and a few lines of code. Full details on the iPox page.

If you already have iPox installed in your Firefox, it should auto-update. If you’d like to download it, you can via the Mozilla Add-on site.

Hope you like the updates!

2 Responses

  1. Green says:

    Great theme ! Thank you buddy.
    But Miint is my favourite, are you gonna upgrade it for FF 3.6 ? Would be great.
    Good job man !

  2. Jivko says:

    Great work.I’m using the theme and I’m happy with it.Like you wrote you fixed the url problem and the cut scrollbar bug.By the way I found some of the small bugs that you’ve mentioned in your post above.When you restart Firefox a window pops up.There should be a small icon on the left side of the window.Here’s an image Also can you do something about the menus in the add-ons window.Think that it will be nice if you add images or if you shrink them a little and leave them with text only.I don’t know if it’s a bug but…
    When you open the options window and click on advanced the window is too small and the text and some buttons won’t fit in it.I think that the solution to that problem is in global/skin/preferences.css document.That’s all.Thanks for your hard work.

    Best wishes Jivko 😉

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