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When can we start putting blankets on our baby?

Where is Lily?

Where is Lily?

We were told from day one that blankets couldn’t go in the crib for safety reasons. Of course, if Lily was swaddled in a smaller receiving blanket, than that was ok.

The sad thing is, we got lots of nice blankets for shower gifts and even home-made ones! They’ve been used, but never for sleeping.

So when is it ok to put a blanket in the crib?

Lily is old enough, and smart enough, that a blanket shouldn’t cause any safety issues. At least I don’t think so. If she doesn’t want it, she’d just toss it out of the crib. Of course, then she’d wake us up to come get it so she could do it again. 😉

As it gets colder out, we want to make sure she’s warm and comfortable. We want to start covering her up, but don’t know when is the right time to do that.

When did you start putting a blanket on your baby?

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  1. Amie says:

    We put blankets in Audrey’s crib once she could hold her head up and move things off her head by herself. Once we knew she had the motor skills to remove it on her own, we put it in with her. Now if she would only realize she can pull them on top of her when she gets cold…

    • Thomas says:

      We haven’t given her a blanket yet, but that’s mainly because it’d be a distraction. She’d play with it instead of using it to keep herself warm.

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