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Do humidifiers cause our kids to get sick?

Do you have a humidifier in your kids room? When is the last time you cleaned it? If you’re anything like us, it’s probably not been cleaned in a long time. And that’s not good. Lily’s humidifier was a year old and I don’t think we ever cleaned it. We only use it in the...


Why are fingers and nostrils the same size?

Have you ever wondered why your fingers and nostrils are the same size? Especially when it’s not cool to put your fingers in there? With Lily having a runny and crusty nose, she has a tendency to try to either wipe away some of the snot away with her hand, or pick off the crusty parts. She...


Will we always get sick when Lily gets sick?

If you recall, last week Lily got sick. It only lasted 12 hours or so and she dealt with it really good, however, the next day, I got sick. The day after that, Christi got sick. If we would have had any other family members, they’d have gotten sick too. That begs the question, will...


Can you baby proof a hotel room?

I han’t thought of baby proofing a hotel room before, but now that Lily is moving around a lot everything needs to be baby proofed. Well, as much as it can be. We’ve been to a few hotels with Lily, but she wasn’t this mobile before. Now that we are about to embark on a...


Looking for tips on flying with a baby.

In just a few weeks, our family is headed out on a vacation to San Diego California. Where as Lily is pretty easy to travel with, this will be her first time on an airplane and we’re all a little nervous. Have you flown with a baby before? Any advice? So far, here is what...


Is there a night owl stage in babies?

Lily has recently decided that sleeping is not her thing. She use to go down about 8 every night with little to no fuss. However, recently she hasn’t wanted to go to bed at all. We still have the same routine, but by 8:30 she’s still wide awake. Same goes for 9 and 10. She...