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Can you hypnotize a baby to sleep?


You are getting sleepy.

As I was putting Lily down tonight, she was doing her normal routine of eyes wide open, fidgeting, and not really wanting to go to bed. So I tried hypnotizing her… sort of.

Basically I told her she was getting sleepy. Her eyes were heavy and she waned to drift off into dreamland. I kind of added a bit of a song to it too; even though it wasn’t very well thought out.

A few minutes later, her eyes were closed and she was asleep. I swear she went from awake to asleep in two minutes. This I hadn’t experienced before; well not this fast of an awake to sleep change. My wife says she does that every now and then though.

So now I’m working on a sleepy hypnotism song so that, if it did work, I’ll be more prepared next time. I just need to make it rhyme as I like songs that rhyme.

I’ll post my song tomorrow or in a few days so be sure to check back. 🙂

Humm, maybe I should turn it into a book and make millions! How does one go about making a children’s book?

Ok, now I’m just rambling.

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