In just a few weeks, our family is headed out on a vacation to San Diego California. Where as Lily is pretty easy to travel with, this will be her first time on an airplane and we’re all a little nervous.

Have you flown with a baby before? Any advice?

So far, here is what we have:

  • Try to book around their nap time if possible to help them sleep on the plane.
  • Take food so they can eat during takeoff and landing to help with the popping ears.
  • Take foods & liquids that will make it though airport security.

That’s about it so far. I’m not too worried about flying with Lily as she does pretty good on road trips and what not. She also loves to watch people. However, since its our first time taking a baby on an airplane, that in itself is a bit nerve-racking. That and she has no place to crawl around and play.

Any advice or tips you can share about flying with a baby would be great.